Captive Fantasy by L. Rosario

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    Rose (265 pages)

    Seraphina Scala has just confessed she's never had an orgasm and now her friend has the perfect solution?a night spent at Captive Fantasy, a club that guarantees to fulfill every deep, dark, secret desire. Sera would rather admit she's a vampire than join her friend at such a place, but she doesn't, and she finds herself surrounded by ravenous women and drop-dead gorgeous men. One in particular steals her attention...

    Valentino was literally created to make fantasies come true. He's used to the eager women who flood into Captive Fantasy every night to take what he offers, but when he meets the shy Sera, he knows he has his work cut out for him. Something about her strikes a chord deep inside, and he soon realizes he wants more than just a breathy thank you for a "job" well done.

    Valentino awakens a side of Sera she's kept locked away for nearly three centuries, and now she must confront her past, her present and her future. Doing so won't be so bad with Valentino by her side, but will he want her once he realizes what she really is? Or will his secret be the one thing they cannot overcome?


    “I’ll let you go after you tell me why your friends dragged you here. You aren’t getting married, so what is it then? A bad break up? A bad husband?” He glanced at her left ring finger, but there wasn’t a ring or a mark indicating there ever had been.

    Her hand tightened around the doorknob, but she didn’t turn it. “I told you I’d rather not say.”

    “But knowing will help me figure out how to behave around you. It might explain why you’re so touchy.”

    She shot a glare over her shoulder, and the fire in her eyes made her nearly irresistible. “I am not touchy.”

    “Yes, you are.” Most women begged to stay longer, the fact that Sera longed to flee, intrigued the hell out of him.

    She let go of the knob and turned to face him. “Fine, Mr. Stubborn, I’ll tell you exactly why I’m here tonight.”

    Valentino resisted the urge to hold his breath.

    “I made the mistake of telling my friend that I’ve never had an orgasm during sex.”

    He admired her ability to say all of that with a straight face and dead-on eye contact. “You’ve had one on your own though?”

    “Excuse me?”

    “You said, during sex. It implies you’ve had one without sex.”

    She shook her head, and the razor cut ends of her hair slapped against her jawline. “I’ve never had one, all right?”

    “Of course it’s all right, and not the least bit abnormal.”

    She rolled her eyes and tossed her hands in the air. “Oh my God, don’t play Dr. Ruth with me. You don’t look the part.”

    Valentino grinned and held out his hand. “I’m not trying to play Dr. Ruth. Come here.”

    “No,” she snapped.

    He dropped his hand. “I’ll give you an orgasm, Sera, but it would be easier if you let me touch you.”

    Her mouth opened and closed, and her eyes narrowed. “Does that mean you can give me one without touching me?”

    “Sure.” He did his best to keep his tone casual. No telling how she would react if she realized how eager he was to touch her. “But I’d prefer the traditional way, and you would too, trust me.”




Sera has a problem and when her overbearing friend, Becca, tries to help her find a cure, all hell breaks loose.

What starts as a girls night out in a club turns into a dangerous, potentially deadly encounter with a delicious, exotic male entertainer who is not at all what he seems. (And probably not what you're thinking. I've read all L. Rosairo's other books and this surprised me.)

To make matters worse, a cruel lover from Sera's past returns with intentions to control and ultimately possess her once again, and for all eternity.

Captive Fantasy surpassed my every expectation, and having read so much from this author I expected great things. Well done L.

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    Captive Fantasy

    Captive Fantasy

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