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  • What could be worse than waking up lonely on May Day? Finding a naked male stranger with wings in your house.

    That is exactly what Amanda Birchfield discovers when she stumbles out of bed to make her morning coffee. After rousing from a faint, Amanda learns her intruder, Saje, is a trinket-hoarding, seed-spreading bastard of a Woodland Fairy. And he’s brought her a room full of May Day Baskets in hopes she'll trade a little pleasure.

    Instead of fleeing for her life--or admitting herself to the local looney bin--Amanda is drawn to Saje’s scrumptious body and carefree spirit. But once the brief, but oh-so satisfying sexcapade atop her dining room table is over, he refuses to leave. How will she get rid of him. Or will she want to?

    Rated 1 Rose

    Miniature Rose (63 pages)


    Amanda reached out and touched his wing. Soft, downy feathers spread through her fingertips, like a bird’s appendage. The pale skin of her fingers looked darker against their light, grayish-green coloring. She envisioned him soaring through the air, the wind sailing through each feather, separating the layers. Her anger slowed to a simmer. “What is your name?”


    “Like the spice,” she replied.


    His voice deepened, forcing her to look up. His ice-gray eyes had darkened to the point of slate. His features were fierce, breathtaking and inflamed. Gone was all semblance of play.

    She swallowed. “My name...”

    “Is Amanda M. Birchfield. It is written on the inner sleeve of a book over there.” He nodded to a pile of leather-bounds lying on her coffee table, but at the moment, all she could think about was his lips. They appeared full and inviting. She wished to taste them and nip them between her teeth.

    As if reading her mind, Saje bent his head as she rose to her tiptoes. His mouth first brushed her lips, then captured her in a full kiss. All male and with tantalizing aggression, he parted the seam of her mouth with his tongue. Amanda was lost. No kiss ever tasted so thrilling. Hot. Wet. It was fire, meadow, earth and sage all rolled into one erotic delicacy.




Imagine a romance hero who hides in a flower pot and steals trinkets from humans. Does it work? In Deborah J. Panger's capable hands, it most certainly does. Saje is funny, sexy, and fiercly passionate. Just what lonely Amanda ordered. I look forward to more from Ms. Panger! ~Helen Hardt, author of Thai'd Up



    Darla, with wrote:

    Saje found himself enchanted with the mortal; her eyes looked lonely. He was a Woodland Fairy. She wished for a May Day Basket, and he made her wish come true, filling her basket with flowers. He watched her sleep. When she saw a naked man standing in her living room, she fainted. A naked man with wings! When he discovered that she had been engaged, Saje found himself angry. Woodland Fairies were very territorial.

    Amanda declared her love for him. Saje declared that it was impossible. Females didn’t fall in love with him. It was merely physical. Merely pleasure. Saje tried to stay away from her. It was impossible to deny his love for her.

    Deborah Panger writes with imagination, creativity, humor, and passion. Saje is a short book filled with zeal. Amanda is a delightful lead character. She does realize how lovely and sweet she truly is. Saje is an odd character. He is innocent yet naughty. Fans of short steamy books will enjoy Saje.



      Wisteria, with Whipped Cream reviews wrote:
      Amanda is lonely. Since catching her fiancé in a compromising position and the wedding canceled, no one ever came to see her. With no friends and a sucky job, her life just feels like crap. Until a chance encounter with a sexy, horny fairy changes everything and gives her reason to love life again.

      Saje is a fresh, whimsical story that will leave you breathless. I can only imagine the bewilderment of waking one morning to find a sexy, naked man sporting wings in my home. But I think Amanda “handled” him the best way possible ;)

      Fresh and fun, with characters you will love and a witty sense of humor, this story will leave you with a smile on your face and a warm spot in your…er….well, you get the idea!

      Wishing Ms. Panger a boat load of sales and many, many more stories like this one to tease, please and leave you panting. Bravo, my dear, it was one hell of a ride!



        Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance & More wrote:
        Saje is one of the four rulers of the Woodland Fairies; his job is to spread his seed to as many females as possible. On a trip into the land of the humans, he encounters a woman who seems so listless and dejected it makes him want to comfort her.

        Amanda Birchfield feels as if her life is going down the toilet. With no family close by to console her in her time of sorrow, she feels all alone after finding her ex-fiancé having sex with someone in his truck.

        When Amanda finds some trinkets in her daffodils, she laughs it off as some child out playing. When her wish for a May Day basket comes true, she begins to wonder if she is going crazy. Then a full-grown naked, handsome maybe, but naked fairy pops into her house wanting to seduce her. With her body becoming erotically turned on, how long will it be before Amanda realizes that at some time Saje must go back to his home, leaving her with a broken heart?

        I really enjoyed this story about Amanda and Saje; Ms. Panger did a great job showing us her imagination with vivid words and sensual scenes. Saje tells the tale of how a fairy used to being ruled by his sex not his emotions suddenly finds his heart awakened by a human woman with the need for more than just sex. The sex scenes were definitely spicy, hot, and had me on sensory overload. The emotions shown by Saje and Amanda were beautifully done, and I found this short story to be a very satisfactory read. The push and pull of confused feelings Saje has for Amanda, and how understanding she is, makes this love story a great tale and will leave all readers with a satisfied smile on their faces.

        Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance & More

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