Firefae by Deborah J. Panger

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  • After extinguishing a brush fire, firefighter Gunner Crews wakes up to find himself in a miniature world of fairies and enslaved by Sera, the fiery temptress responsible for igniting the flames he and his team have just put out. Determined to return to his own world—not to mention size—Gunner's plans of escape are dampened by the smoldering passion stirred to life by the lovely firebug. Can he fight the flames the Firefae ignites within him, or will he succumb to a firestorm too hot to resist?

    Rated 1 Rose

    Rosette (56 pages)


    The fireman twitched and opened his lids. Eyes, the color of indigo, attempted to focus, and then fluttered closed again. Their hue, like sapphires sparkling in the sunlight, entranced her. Drew her to him almost like he possessed enchantment of his own.

    She dropped on her knees and bent, placing her lips almost to his. Only the width of a feather separated them. The scent of spicy maleness filled her nostrils.

    What would he taste like? The thought hastened her pulse.

    She brushed her mouth to his. Warm downy softness caressed her lips. A small groan escaped him and his arms moved as he deepened her kiss. Rich peach-flavored elements of muscadine, blended with a hint of wildness, filling her mouth.

    Her heartbeat quickened further as his lips parted and his warm tongue caressed hers. Never before had she experienced anything like this.

    His hands rose, as if to embrace her, and reality came rushing in like a hell storm.

    What was she doing?

    Sera broke away, stood up and tried to force away the attraction she felt for him. But she wanted to kiss him again. Lie with him.

    A human?

    The lout! It was his fault. His allure was so strong, even in his slumber he drew her like a moth. And what happened to moths flying too close to a flame? They got burned.

    Well, no more.

    She narrowed her eyes and took a step back. She needed to focus, take hold of the situation, and wait for him to awaken. Then the confrontation would begin.

    Her stomach tightened. He wouldn’t like the fact that he’d been kidnapped to the fairy region.




Gunner Crews is a fireman attempting to put out a dangerous blaze when he quite literally runs into Sera. However, he doesn’t realize what’s happened until much later. Sera is a fairy, a firefae by birth, who has a job to do but humans keep getting in her way. So frustrating! Should she kill him or let Mother Nature take her course?

For an erotic short-story, Ms. Panger’s character of Sera has a certain charming innocence. While this tale is not complex, it is well-put together overall and left me wanting to see it turned into a full-length story.
Bitten by Books



    Deborah J. Panger gives us a thrilling romantic story with Firefae. It is a story of passion and desire that will give you chills and leave you breathing hot and heavy. I loved reading it and I hope you will too.

    Sera is a Fire Fairy and during one of her outings, doing the job that Mother Fairy has sent her to do, she is incapacitated by a firefighter that is trying to put out the fires that she is starting. Unfortunately he sees her and she with a split second decision she transports him back to the Fae realm. It is her first instinct and their law to kill any human that sees them to keep from endangering their race. But Sera can’t bring herself to do it after seeing him, and kissing him, although she tries twice.

    Gunner is very upset learning he had been kidnapped to the fae land, but realizing that Sera can protect him is something he has to come to terms with. When he learns that she was going to kill him that makes him hurt and mad again all at once. But when she explains why she couldn’t do it he softens a bit to her.

    Will Mother Fairy let him live after all? Will this be a happily ever after story?

    Zollyanna from Night Owl Reviews



      I just finished reading Firefae, a very short erotic story written by Deborah Panger, and published by The Wild Rose Press. It's a super fun, hot and lusty quickie. Gunner, a hunkalicious fireman, is abducted to fairy world by Sera, a fiery little humdinger of a fairy. In a few short pages, Panger introduces two cute characters, creates a sweet paranormal setting (I especially liked the garnet-studded cave, reflecting Sera's fiery nature...excellent!), gives us just a touch of their personalities, and a whole lot of lusty loving. And, I had to look up a word in the dictionary (I just love it when I learn new vocabulary words when I read). The word: incalescent, which means increasing in heat or ardor. Well, all right! Grade: A-

      Happy Sunday,
      from Penelope's Romance Reviews.

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