One Sinful Night by Jalena Burke

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  • It's lust at first sight when Kerri meets Blake Donnelly at her friend's Halloween bash. Then she opens her eyes after a mind-altering kiss and finds herself in his home--alone. She doesn't remember how she got there, but she's willing to accept his tricks for one sinful night.

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    "Where are your teeth?' she asked then groaned. Could she think of nothing better to say?

    "My what?"

    "You know, the fangs to go with your vampire costume."

    His chuckle reverberated against her breasts. "That only happens during extreme circumstances."

    "Extreme circumstances?"

    "Fight or flight situations. Life and death. Or something so heart wrenching I have no control of my emotions."

    "Oh?" she asked. "You mean like this?" She threaded her fingers through his hair, stood on her tiptoes, and drew his lips to hers. He tasted like cherries and chocolate. Wine and roses. Sin.


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One Sinful Night

One Sinful Night

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