The Sea Prince by Brenna Zinn

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  • Though terrified of the ocean, Shelly Merdock finds herself alone in Cancun on what should have been her honeymoon--but not for long. A handsome and very naked man strolls out of the surf and onto her patio, claiming to be her lifemate. He also believes he's a merman--the great, great grandson of Poseidon no less--and insists they have sex in the water within twenty-four hours to complete the marriage ritual. Crazier still, Shelly actually considers his offer. Who could resist? But can she place herself in the hands of the sexy stranger, beyond a night of shared intimacy, and shed her fear of the water to live with him in his palace under the sea?

    Miniature (28 pages)

    Rated 1 Rose


    Intelligent dark eyes met hers. A slight smile spread across his angled jaw, making his cheekbones more pronounced. He ran his fingers over the top of his head and through his jet-black hair, causing even more water to shimmer over his pumped chest.

    "I am Kronnos. I am looking for the woman who bares the mark of the shell."

    Shelly's eyes widened, and she swallowed hard. "A shell?" Her voice trembled, the words tumbling from her lips like an unsteady drunkard. "You mean, a birthmark?"

    Kronnos nodded. "I am destined to meet my lifemate this night." He stepped closer and plucked a lock of hair from her shoulder.

    Shelly's heart stopped beating. What was he doing?

    "I am told my lifemate will have hair like fiery copper and a scalloped shell on her breast." He leaned forward, his gaze raking over her. "Do you know of this woman?"


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The Sea Prince

The Sea Prince

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