Delicious Darkness by KyAnn Waters

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  • A fugitive from a dark dimension, Dorian Hunt seeks a total bonding. Like a vampire needs blood or a werewolf needs the moon, Dorian needs to anchor himself to a woman of white light in order to survive. Without the mating, within one lunar cycle his might and magic would cease to protect him.

    Audra Quinn has always been afraid of the dark. As an empath, she knows when Dorian enters her small metaphysical bookstore, he is the man who can help her realize her true potential as a woman of white light.

    Bounty hunters from his dimension are lurking in the shadows, waiting for their opportunity to capture him, dead or alive. Dorian knows he will be easier to manage dead. Will Dorian have the strength to defend, or does it take the magic of a woman of white light to annihilate the evil darkness?

    Miniature (37 pages)


    The hairs on the back of her neck prickled. Stomach clenched. Heartbeat escalated. Her nerves tripped, sending an intuitive message to her brain, the instinctive need to do whatever was necessary to survive danger.

    The whispers echoing in her mind forced her to turn on every light. Put a match to white candles. Her hand trembled as she smudged the room, burning sage, cedar and sweetgrass to dispel negative influences. In a practice as innate as breathing, she protected herself because once again she was the hunted.

    Outside the windows of her metaphysical book and gift shop, dusk had settled. With the night came her anxiety. This was their time. Physically and mentally powerful men not of her world, men her instincts told her were deadly under the canopy of an inky black sky.

    Standing in her shop, Audra Quinn closed her eyes and visualized white light emerging from the crown chakra--the energy point located at the top of her head--engulfing her to the root chakra--the heart of her femininity.

    He was coming, and she didn't have the fortitude to resist. He wasn't the first, yet he was different. As long as she could remember, she'd been their fixation. Only never before had she wanted to succumb.

    Audra's gift of empathic abilities protected her from men like the one whose imminent arrival loomed closer. She had the sensation of his heavy breath on her skin. Heard his beating heart. Sensed the darkness dwelling within him. Audra had always been afraid of the dark.

    Her breathing became shallow. This man was more powerful than the few who had come before. She couldn't remember her awareness ever being so palpable. Nerves quickening into frenzy, her heightened senses told her to flee. No! She didn't run anymore. She was strong enough to withstand his influence.

    Yet, tonight the darkness seemed more relentless. And never before had it made her blood pump through her veins like the raging rapids of a wild river.

    He was different.

    She didn't need to turn around to know that he was there. He had come for her.

    Standing just inside the door, he could not disguise the darkness that lurked within, not from her. Audra's powers remained focused. They had to be. Showing him weakness would increase his strength.

    Hypnotic, ice-blue eyes locked onto hers, and the impact hit her in the solar plexus, the spiritual center. He took a step closer, and the energy moved into her root. The heat dampened her panties and engorged her clit. She tightened her thighs to quell the ache. Hardening into tight buds beneath her shirt, her nipples strained for the touch of his hands. She closed her eyes only to visualize with perfect clarity how it would be for his long blunt fingers to touch her heated flesh and part the swollen lips of her pussy.

    A moan broke from her lips. She leaned against the counter. Blood pounded in her ears. Sweat beaded on her brow. Her legs spread of their own volition. He was there, and yet he wasn't. She could feel him pressing into her. His thrusting cock stretched her, pushed past the barrier of her innocence and claimed her as his own.

    Audra's eyes flew open. This was his intent.


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Delicious Darkness

Delicious Darkness

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