An Afternoon Tryst by Modeska Rose

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    Marissa is struggling in her five-year marriage. Her husband, Norm, seems distant, and the intimacy they shared is almost nonexistent. To recharge the marriage, they decide to play a game.

    When she meets "Cole" in the local grocery store, the encounter leads to an afternoon affair, in which he fulfills her every fantasy, including hot, steamy sex and a rose-petaled bubble bath.

    Marissa craves the closeness she once shared with Norm, but Cole treats her like a rare and precious jewel—giving her everything in the marriage Norm doesn't. While she struggles to get through each day, anticipating her next tryst with Cole, Norm pulls further away and Marissa is forced to choose.

    Will she cling to Cole for the excitement he offers, or is Marissa's love for Norm strong enough to recapture the intimacy she longs for in her "normal" marriage?

    Or can she have both?

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    I paused in the doorway. Our eyes held for a few seconds, and then he bent to kiss my lips. His kiss was tentative, one that made me want more. He stopped, his eyes searched mine, then strong arms enfolded me, and he kissed me again, this time hard and demanding. His soft moist tongue gently pushed into my mouth, and I relished the slightly minty taste.

    "I've been waiting so long for that." He nipped at the soft skin below my ear. "God, Marissa."

    He took my hand and pulled me into the room and kicked the door shut behind us. I giggled as he enfolded me in his arms, his chest against my back. He continued kissing my neck, and I felt like a school girl on her first date. His hands seemed to be everywhere. He stroked my back, rubbed my arms, then his hand pulled softly through my curly hair. His hard maleness pushed against me. I reached slowly behind me and rubbed him through the stiff denim of his jeans and smiled when he groaned. His hands cupped my large breasts, and I gasped as an electric shock surged from my nipples down my belly.

    "You smell sweet enough to eat." He nuzzled my neck, and I fought to breathe as his full lips and moist tongue found that extra sensitive place beneath my ear. I closed my eyes as if I were in a delicious dream, but the sensations spiking through me were definitely real.

    I pulled away slightly and fought the urge to open myself completely. I didn't want to rush.


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An Afternoon Tryst

An Afternoon Tryst

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