Double Deutsch [Destination Pleasure 6] by Shayla Kersten

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  • Needing a fresh start after her husband divorces her for a younger woman, advertising exec, Catherine Lakeland, takes a position in Germany. Curious about sex with a man other than her husband but wary of the complications of a relationship, Cat trades places with her new friend, a sex worker at a brothel, for one night of pleasure but double the fun.

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    Catherine Lakeland stared at her reflection in the full-length mirror. The sheer red flowing robe didn't leave much to the imagination. Neither did the matching silk push-up bra or the tiny thong. "I can't do this."

    "Yes, you can, Cat." Geli's amusement flowed with her musical German accent. Her sure hands stroked a hairbrush through Cat's long auburn hair.

    "This isn't me." Cat shook her head at the two women in the mirror.

    "It can be." Geli rested her chin on Cat's shoulder. Their eyes met in the reflection. "Look at you. If I had your face and figure, I could make a fortune."

    Cat tried to see herself without her natural humility. She did have nice hair. Long, thick, dark with hints of red, she'd always considered it her best feature. Her face was round with regular features, although her hazel eyes often garnered compliments. Her body, on the other hand, she couldn't get past the excess of curves around her stomach and hips. Her ex-husband made it perfectly clear she was overweight. Of course, the skinny bitch he'd left her for showed exactly what he thought of her body.

    "I'm fat." Cat shook her head. "And too short."

    "You are sexy with pleasing curves. Trust me--men will be flocking to your window tonight."

    Her window. Geli's window in the Hamburg Laufhaus. What the hell was a nice American divorcee doing in a brothel in Germany?


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Double Deutsch [Destination Pleasure 6]

Double Deutsch [Destination Pleasure 6]

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