Exiled by L. Rosario

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  • Exiled - it's not always a punishment...

    Never one to really follow the rules, Nadia has finally pushed too far, and now her master has exiled her from the safety of the coven. Determined to survive, but unsure how, she heads to San Francisco, hoping to find help and a sexy offering of blood. What she finds is Daniel, an unexpected treat that makes her realize life on the outside is more delicious than she ever imagined.

    Daniel Rebiero is not looking for a life-long commitment, not when he's having too much fun enjoying the perks of being an exotic dancer, but Nadia is unlike any woman he's ever encountered and only a fool would toss her aside. When things get out of hand and he somehow becomes her "blood servant,” he realizes the future he didn't think he wanted is now worth fighting for.

    Rated 2 Roses

    Print ISBN 1-60154-175-9

    Rosebud (161 pages)


    Nadia dragged her attention back to his eyes, dying to know what color they were, and held her ground as he approached. No one in their right mind would forgo the chance to sink their teeth into such a divine treat, and if he turned out to taste like the ocean, she'd chew some gum afterward.

    He halted, leaving a few feet between them, but it was close enough for her to see that his eyes were some nondescript hazel color. It was the sort of color that changed depending on what the person had on, and she wondered what color they would be if he were naked.

    The dark baggy shorts and loose, white tank top did not necessarily showcase the body underneath, but they could not hide the defined muscles of his shoulders. No one could have shoulders like that without having the rest of the package to match.

    "Are you out here alone?" Mmm. His voice carried just a hint of an unexpected accent. Although too subtle to place, it stirred memories of Jason murmuring to her in his native Portuguese, which was odd, considering this man couldn't look more California surfer if he tried.

    His question seemed an odd way to start a conversation, but it was better than her asking him to bare his neck. "I am, yes."

    His gaze swept the beach before coming back to her. "Should you be?"

    "A few moments ago, I might have answered no, but now I'm beginning to think coming here was an excellent idea."



5.0 out of 5 starsBeautifully crafted erotic vampire romance.

Nadia isn't a team player. When she refuses to swear her allegiance to the new queen of her coven, her master has no choice but to kick her out. Desperate to survive on the outside, she goes in search of an old acquaintance but gets more than she bargained for. A midnight chance encounter with a hot young stud provides an opportunity for her to do more than merely survive, if she can handle his rebellious nature and the unsettling feelings he stirs within her.
The love scenes sizzle with enough energy to satisfy even the undead. The romance is both tender and passionate. And Ms. Rosario's writing is as pleasant as a cool breeze on a warm summer's eve. This is one I highly recommend for lovers of beautifully crafted erotic vampire romance.

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