A Naked Holiday by Mystique Devereux

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  • Janie and Zane have some work to do—they’re busy with their restaurant and their sex life is stale since the kids have gone off to college. Will the time alone in a cabin allow them to finally break free of the routine or will being together unveil heartbreak and betrayal?

    Miniature (42 pages)


    As the two story, log cabin came into view, Janie Collier felt twinges of dread in her belly.

    God, I hope this works.

    "There it is." Her husband Zane pointed like a kid at Christmas. "We're here."

    "Yes, we're here." She gripped the handle on the door, wondering how she ever allowed their best friends to convince them to come here. "Did you talk to the travel agent before we left?"

    "Didn't you see her?" Zane pulled into the driveway. "She passed us on the road a few miles back."

    "No, I missed that." She had been more pre-occupied than she realized. The last few months had been difficult, but it would be nothing compared to the work she and Zane had to face over the next few days. They had to or family life as they knew it would be gone.

    "You've been very quiet." Zane had a white knuckle grip on the wheel. Knowing him, he said it to make light conversation, hoping she wouldn't give him an honest answer.

    "Just thinking."


    Tracy. Our lives. Will we make it?

    The frustration and heartache of the last few months made it impossible for her to decide where to begin. Even with the possibility of their marriage ending, she still needed him, wanted him in the most carnal way.


    He swallowed hard. "Right. Everything."

    Despite their problems, he always knew how to push her buttons. Looking at him, she gave him a weak smile.

    His natural scent filled her nostrils, causing her nipples to brush against her shirt.

    She felt a tingle race through her body and down in between her legs. Squeezing her thighs together, that tingle would satisfy her for now. The plane ride had been murder. She'd wanted to jump Zane's bones since the layover in Tuscan.


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A Naked Holiday

A Naked Holiday

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