Mi Toro [Destination Pleasure] by Brenna Zinn

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  • In Seville, Spain for what should be an easy shoot for the final pictures of her Men of the World – Revealed photo book, Diana Walters quickly discovers her model is not the usual pushover. But if she hands over control to matador Philippe Cordova, will she leave with Spain with more than what she came for?

    (19 pages) Rated 1 Rose


    Cordova dropped the box, then brushed the backside of his hand against my cheek. "I hope your manager told you of my conditions."

    His hand continued sliding further down my neck until it found my necklace. He hooked the pad of a finger around the chain and skimmed along its flexible boundary to the lone star charm. He rubbed the little piece of metal, then placed it back on my neck.

    The warmed medallion spread shivers of excitement down my chest to my very core. "Conditions?" The word mixed with my exhale. The sound was barely audible, even to my own ears.

    "Si." He tugged at the top button of my blouse. "I refuse to pose without my clothes unless you are nude as well."


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Mi Toro [Destination Pleasure]

Mi Toro [Destination Pleasure]

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