Moonlighting by Kris Eton

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  • Kara just wanted to buy the sexiest dress she could find to wear to her divorce hearing. Instead, she finds herself alone in a department store with Jack, the most gorgeous security guard she's ever seen. What starts out as a misunderstanding, leads to the hottest sex of her life. Will fate bring them together again or will this just be a one-night stand that leaves them both wanting more?

    Miniature Rose (42 pages)


    Jack Darrow strolled the aisles of Smith & Smith's Department Store. He played his flashlight over the white plastic shoulders of a female mannequin wearing a negligee. With most of the lighting turned off for the night, it was easy to mistake the well-dressed mannequins for real people. Nothing to see here.

    Moonlighting three times a week had its monetary advantages, but was far from the excitement of his day job for the Phoenix Police Department.


    Jack's heart raced at the sound. He redirected his flashlight to the corner of the lingerie department. The dressing rooms. Someone was in there.

    With cat feet, he crept closer. He should call Jim, the other security guard on watch, over the radio. Let him know there was an intruder. The store had closed a half-hour ago. There shouldn't be anyone here.

    He took a quick peek around the corner. A brunette in a slinky, sexy gown turned around in front of a full length mirror and snipped off a tag with a small pair of scissors.

    A shoplifter. She looked easy enough to handle. No reason to notify Jim. He could do this one on his own.

    Jack stepped out of the shadows. "I'm sorry, miss, you're going to have to take off that dress."

    The brunette jumped and looked at Jack with big blue Bambi eyes. "Excuse me?"


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