Turquoise Dreams by Betty Hanawa

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  • Nita Ramirez Gonzalez and Calder (Call) Calverton have denied their attraction to each other for years. Now both are having erotic fantasies they can't ignore, especially when their dreams have them experiencing those fantasies through the legendary lovers who died 150 years ago.

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    Nita abruptly ripped herself from the daydream fantasy. Her body shook, trying to contain the erotic shocks still cresting within her. Oh, my God, she'd just about had a screaming orgasm right here in the diner, just like Meg Ryan's pretend one in When Harry Met Sally.

    But Nita's was real. Her nipples ached and throbbed against her bra. Her panties were damp under her jeans. She shifted in her seat even though she knew the heavy denim's seam wouldn't be able to relieve her any more than a Kegel exercise did.

    Dimly, the fantasy flashed back through Nita. What was it all about? She'd never been into the recreationist thing, dressing up in a different time period's clothing. She wasn't even crazy about Halloween costumes. These days she tended to wear an orange or black tee shirt with a cat or witch or Jack-o-lantern on it with her jeans.

    She'd never worn bloomers or a chemise in her life. She wasn't even quite positive where that cliff side was, and she sure as hell knew Call hadn't been her first lover, or any lover for that matter. He'd never even had his tongue in her mouth.

    Nita swallowed iced tea and wished it could cool her down. All she'd done was watch Call walk across the dusty parking lot and wham-oh! It was like she was in somebody else's body.

    And almost having a great orgasm. Damn.

    People greeted him with, "Afternoon, Call" and "Hey, Call."

    "Yes, the wedding's off," Call's rough-timbered voice coolly addressed the question before anyone could ask. His words were music to her ears and slid through her body to add to the warm, sticky pool between her legs. "Figure out who won the damn kitty."

    Despite trying to make herself small and hide behind the Border Patrol officers, Nita knew it didn't matter. Call always knew exactly where she was.

    "Tea and pie," he told the waitress as he sat in the booth beside Nita.

    "God damn it, Nita." The cabochon turquoise in the ring on the third finger of his right hand gleamed like a sunlight sky. He tossed a diamond encrusted wedding band and an engagement ring onto the table in front of her. "I'm beginning to believe in the goddamned curse myself. What the hell's wrong with me?"

    "Not a thing and you know it, Call." Nita looked straight into the eyes of the man she'd been in love with since she was thirteen.

    She shuddered with shock. The turquoise eyes of her fantasy lover didn't look at her from Call's face. Looking at her in puzzlement, with the eyes she'd known all her life, were Calder Calverton's soft, deer-brown eyes.


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Turquoise Dreams

Turquoise Dreams

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