Bedside Manner by Sophia Rae

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    Book 2 of The Delaney Series

    Overweight, overworked and undersexed, Sara Delaney loves her job as an E.R. nurse but fears her life has become a monotonous series of shift rotations with a little sleep in between and even less of a social life. That is until former high school jock, Alex Conrad, shows up with an allergic reaction and an inflated ego, questioning her bedside manner.

    Alex not only took her virginity back in high school, he left a young girl heartbroken. Now he's back in town and ready to pick up where he and Sara left off. But the girl he left behind is more woman than he bargained for, and after one night, he finds himself addicted to the good nurse's TLC.

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    Rosebud (80 pages)


    "Sara Delaney," he muttered with a wicked grin that looked painful, considering the way his face crinkled up.

    He had her attention now.

    "Yes. Do I know you?"

    "Alex Conrad."


    Ah yes, she knew him. Captain of the football team in high school, dated any and all cheerleaders willing to get into the backseat of his car, football scholarship, popular, cocky. Sexy as hell.

    And one memorable night, many years ago, she'd said to hell with it and let him take her virginity. A regret that had haunted her since.

    She swallowed, hard. "Well, it's good to see you after all these years."

    That wasn't a lie. She really was glad to see him, especially now. A laugh formed in her stomach and wiggled its way up into her throat. She used all her control not to let the giggle spill out.

    Here sat the guy who thought he was God's gift to women when they'd been back in school. Mister Perfect, who never looked bad a day in his life, that she'd known of, and here he was in the emergency room with his face all bloated with a big red rash. He looked absolutely miserable.

    Oh, yes. It was so good to see him again.


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Bedside Manner

Bedside Manner

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