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    Benni Enfante is possibly Silver Screen star Evan Fitzpatrick’s biggest fan. When a business trip goes awry and she ends up at a friend’s beach house for the weekend, she gets more than she bargained for. The Thirties premier naughty boy materializes out of nowhere and treats Benni to a personal performance she will never forget. Evan Fitzpatrick has been dead for over fifty years, so who is the untamed wild-child in her bed?
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    Rosebud (81 pages)


    "Isn't this what you wanted? Only moments ago I heard you invoking my love, begging to have my arms wrapped around you."

    I couldn't pull my gaze from the beauty of those big brownish-green, golden-speckled eyes. I was so flustered my lips moved without forming words. Finally, I managed a deep breath. "I didn't think it would happen. Besides, ghosts don't exist."

    He reached for my hand, and after a moment's hesitation, I complied. He pointed toward the painting hanging over my head. "Look at him, look closely."

    I didn't need to look at the portrait, though I did. I had the features of Evan Fitzpatrick's face etched into my mind and heart a long time ago.

    "You can't deny the resemblance is uncanny. If I'm a facsimile, I'm a damned good one." He raised my hand to his lips, placing a delicate kiss to the back of it.

    My heart flew to my throat. The culmination of hundreds of fantasies was standing in front of me. The wild woman inside urged me to throw caution to the wind. How long had I wished for this moment? My mind raced with possibilities.

    If he was a figment of my imagination, simply a walking daydream, what would it matter? But if he was real, and I was certain he was, it would be a different story, indeed. I'd never been in this type of affair, and every fiber of my being told me it wasn't a good idea.

    Still, his hand caressed mine while those eyes peered down at me, and I knew it was a dream come true. This stranger made me feel something I never felt before. I knew if I walked away I would always wonder what it was like to have a small part of the fantasy become reality.

    "Take a chance," he whispered.

    Without hesitation, he drew me into his arms. Those sensuous lips claimed mine again with a perfect mixture of confidence and animalistic yearning. I had lost the battle of wills, giving in to the glorious sensation of his right hand edging the nightgown from my shoulder, traveling over my breast to catch one of my nipples between his fingers.

    Matinee idols never behaved like this on the silver screen.


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Matinee Idol

Matinee Idol

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