One Night With You by Jane E. Jones

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    A storm hits, and a terrified Alice pulls off the highway to wait it out. She's relieved when a cop drives up and offers to keep her company. It doesn't hurt that he's probably the sexiest man she's ever met.

    Not the type to flirt, let alone ask a guy out, Alice lusts after him quietly and wishes she had enough confidence and courage to act on her desires. But the storm passes and she drives away, sure she'll never see him again.

    Ronin, however, is not about to let Alice slip away. Sensing the inner vixen who's dying to get out, Ronin coaxes her into his bed for one incredible night of the hottest sex she's ever known.

    Now that Alice has had a taste, one night with Ronin has left her craving more. Can she allow herself to enter a relationship based on unbelievable sex, or should she return to her safe but boring life and pretend it never happened?

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    He grinned, and her heart melted. Without taking his gaze from her, he said to Cassandra, "Don't worry if she's not back for a few days."

    Cassandra's mouth fell open, and Alice understood her shock. But it was nothing compared with what she was feeling. So many emotions were flying around in her head that she couldn't name one.

    Despite the warmth of the evening, she felt chilled. He put his arm around her shoulders, and feeling the weight, she thought she might rise like a hot air balloon should he take his arm away.

    "What I want you to do," he said as he walked beside her, "is give yourself over to me. You can't feel bad or guilty about something you have no control over. Agree, Alicia."

    Her mouth was dry. She wasn't the type to do adventurous things. She wasn't the type to throw caution to the wind. She wasn't ever the type to trust someone enough to give them control.

    He smelled so good. His body was warm beside hers, his eyes hot and smiling and full of something she didn't even recognize.

    But she was not the type. She stared down at her sensible shoes, hardly noticing when he opened the door of his car and handed her inside.

    When he'd settled in beside her, he didn't start the engine but sat in silence. She felt him watching her and finally, she turned her head slowly to look at him.

    "Do you feel safe with me, Alicia?"

    She licked her lips. "Yes." And when she said it, she realized how true it was. She smiled.


    She drew in a deep breath, then looked out her window. "I don't know."

    "You don't have to hide from me. You don't have to be afraid that you're not sexy enough, not woman enough, with me. Alicia, look at me."

    She stopped pretending to be interested in the view and looked at him..

    "You know I want you. You're the sexiest woman I've met in a long time.

    "I ... this is so strange."

    "You make me so hot I can't think."

    "I do?"

    He laughed, a sound that rolled off his tongue and caressed her ears. "Yeah. And you know what else?"

    Her eyes were bright. "What?"

    He leaned over and planted a quick kiss on her lips. "You like it."


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One Night With You

One Night With You

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