Masked Encounter by Samantha Gentry

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    When fantasy becomes too hot to handle, what's a girl to do?

    Trish Andrews wants one fantastic night of hot sex with her boss, Jonathon Rutledge, without risking her pride, her identity, and ultimately, his rejection. When an invitation to a masquerade lands on Jonathon's desk, crashing the party in a killer red dress seems like the perfect opportunity to turn fantasy into reality.

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    Jonathon pulled himself up to his full six foot-two inch height, squared his broad shoulders and pulled his mask back into place. "Don't concern yourself with this problem. I'll get to the bottom of this or my name isn't Captain Jack Sparrow." The bottom, the top, the front, the back, that most desirable place nestled between those incredible legs...

    He placed his empty champagne glass on a tray, grabbed two full glasses and carried them across the room.

    "Allow me to introduce myself. Captain Jack Sparrow at your service." He handed her one of the glasses of champagne, gave a courtly bow, and took her hand in his. Rather than kissing the back of her hand, he kissed the inside of her wrist. The heat of her blood rushing through her veins warmed his lips. "May I ask what such a demure, innocent maiden is doing here all by herself?"

    Her gaze slowly traveled from the top of his hat down to his boots, then back to his face. He could see the sparkle in her blue eyes and her delicious looking mouth, but the rest of her face remained hidden behind her mask.

    There was something vaguely familiar about her eyes and mouth, but he couldn't place where he'd seen them or who they belonged to. Or even whether it was real or just his imagination. An image popped into his mind, a picture of his rigid cock sliding in and out of that delicious looking mouth with her perfect lips forming a seal around his shaft.

    She ran the tip of her tongue across her upper lip. "Tell me, Captain Sparrow," she dropped her voice to a seductive whisper, "what makes you think I'm so innocent?"


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Masked Encounter

Masked Encounter

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