Beauty's Beast by Jane E. Jones

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  • Beautiful Holly thinks she's found the man who loves her, but Ristan continues to insist they meet in secret, refuses to marry her, and hides from the night. Unsure of his past, his life, and his love, she is forced into a situation that will bring her love from another man; a cursed, tortured man named Alexavier whose own beauty is hidden beneath a hideous exterior.

    Abandoned by Ristan and living in a lonely castle with Alexavier, she is astounded by her immediate attraction to the Beast--his rough touch and scorching kisses leave her trembling and aching for more.

    When Ristan returns, Holly realizes where her heart truly lies and discovers a secret that may cause her to lose the Beast forever.

    Miniature Rose (66 pages)

    Rated 1 Rose


    Finally, I dragged my lips from his and gasped, "Ristan! Why do you not take me?"

    He leaned his forehead against mine, and I clutched him to me. He had become all to me and I did not want to lose him.

    "I want to," he said. "More than you can dream, I want to."

    He was silent, so I prompted, "Then why do you not?"

    "I cannot. Not yet..."

    "I don't understand." I knew my tone was flat, but I wanted an explanation, at least.

    "Beauty..." His voice was tired and sad, and I began to wish I had left it alone. "I cannot explain, but soon, soon. I love you, Holly."

    "I love you, Ristan!" My heart broke for him. "If you would but tell me what is wrong, I could help you." I threw my arms around his neck and rained kisses upon his face, desperate to show him my love.

    "I cannot tell you, but I hope to show you. No matter what happens, know that I love and adore you. And in the end, it will be your choice. I will show fairness because that is how much I love you."

    "You speak in riddles!"

    "When I am sure that you can love all of me, all will be well. And if you cannot, I will surely understand and let you go."

    "I want to love all of you, but you will not let me."

    I held him tightly; darkness was coming and he would run. Yet another mystery I could not solve.

    He moved in my arms, and when I would not release him, he simply stilled, saying, "Please, Beauty. Loose me."

    And I did. I could not hurt him.


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Beauty's Beast

Beauty's Beast

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