Bedroom Behavior 101 by Sophia Rae

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    Book 3 of The Delaney Series

    So what if Gabrielle Dayton is a twenty-six year old virgin? Sleeping with a guy just for the sake of having sex never appealed to her...until sexy carpenter Luke Delaney shows up on her doorstep. Just the way he handles his tools awakens her deepest desires. Gabrielle knows Luke is the perfect man to teach her all the things she's only read about.

    As a carpenter, Luke Delaney has all the women he can handle. All he has to do is take off his shirt and swing a hammer--end of story. When his newest client, Gabrielle Dayton, wants more than just renovations in her bedroom, he's ready, willing and able to take on a little overtime.

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    Rosebud (116 pages)


    Gabrielle had wonderfully glorious visions of Luke the carpenter swinging a hammer, shirt off, sweat glistening, muscles bulging. The titillating thought had her nipples going stiff. Perhaps he could put an end to her virginity. Were there even any virgins left in the world over the age of twenty? Being twenty-six made her even more pathetic.

    Gabrielle hadn't missed the way he looked at her when he thought she wasn't paying attention. And dammit, he'd caught her staring at him. How could she not? A man built like that practically demanded to be worshipped. She only hoped he didn't see her drool.

    A girlish giggle escaped her. It seemed they had both been trying to sneak peaks and each had been unsuccessful. However, she'd taken in enough of the buff handyman to know he was one of the sexiest men she'd ever seen in person. All rugged and natural. A man's man. He wasn't toned and golden from a gym or fake tanning. Hard labor made him the eye-ogling male he was.

    His auburn hair, a little long for her taste, seemed to suit him, as did the day old stubble around his jaw. Dark eyes that appeared to see right through you, chiseled features, prominent cheek bones. He had just enough abrasiveness to mask his prettiness.

    Gabrielle headed up the stairs, taking them two at a time in order to look through her work-out wear. She wanted to look her best when Luke came calling in a few days.

    The more she thought, the more she liked the idea of giving herself to this sexy stranger. She'd never before had the urge to give up her virginity, but something about the man sent shivers racing through her body.

    So how did one go about seducing a man?


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Bedroom Behavior 101

Bedroom Behavior 101

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