Devil In Cowboy Boots by Sylvie Kaye

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    A sexually frustrated medical transcriber, Mercy Lawrence has one thing on her mind while vacationing in San Antonio, Texas—finding a gorgeous hunk of a man to fulfill her deepest, most secret fantasies. When she meets a dark and devilishly handsome loner, who calls himself Sinner, she’s more than willing to go down in a blaze of glory.

    Sinner once led the simple life of a small-time rancher; now he's an ex-con hell bent on finding the man who framed him and stole two years of his life. When an irresistible distraction walks into his enemy’s lair, his driving need for vengeance is tempered by Mercy, a woman whose suggestive advances and fearless inexperience are beyond temptation.

    Can Sinner prove his innocence and still hold heaven in her arms? Or will Mercy have hell to pay after a few hot nights with a Devil in Cowboy Boots?

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    Rose (296 pages)


    She spotted the dark, daring demon once again. Dressed in black, he almost blended into the night. Confident and handsome, he uncrossed his booted foot and his arms and turned to face her.

    His black jeans, snug on his lean hungry hips, made her suck in her bottom lip. The man was hot. She was going to burn. Maybe get more involved than she wanted. But at the moment she didn’t care. Her feet kept stride with the thrumming music.

    The honed muscles of his arms beneath the sleeves of his black shirt flexed, giving away his anticipation. She arched her brow. A hint of a smile touched her lips, and her high-heeled steps quickened.

    When she was in front of him, face to face, the music stopped, and her surroundings faded away. No one else in the standing-room-only club and nothing else along the bustling river existed, just her and him. Her heart hammered, her knees went weak. But she stood her ground and looked into his eyes. They weren’t black, but dark, dark brown. Liquid almost. She could drown in them.

    His mouth was full, firm, sinful. And waiting.

    “I’ll bet you’re one of the original sins,” she said, sure that he was.

    He cracked a devilish smile. “Babe, I’m all of them.”


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Devil In Cowboy Boots

Devil In Cowboy Boots

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