Riding The Rail by Julia Devlin

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  • When Serena Adams collided with a gorgeous young stranger on a crowded subway, nothing could have prepared her for the hottest ride of her life…

    Serena gets more than she bargained for when her ordinary morning commute turns into an erotic encounter with a much younger man able to excite her with the merest touch. Later that morning, Serena’s prospective new client turns out to be her El train stranger and she can’t believe her misfortune. If she can't ride the rails without wanting to devour him, how will she manage to work with him professionally?

    Julian St. Claire believed he would never see the beautiful woman from the El again. However, this turns out to be his lucky day when she falls into his lap hours later. Never one to back down from a challenge, he pursues the sexy siren, despite her protests about their age difference. The way Julian sees it, age is no match for undeniable chemistry.

    Can the two sort out their differences to enjoy the physical attraction they discovered...riding the rail?

    Miniature Rose
    (68 pages) Rated 1 Rose


    He shifted, his arm sliding along the side rail so his hand hovered at her waist, pressing them closer together. The gesture seemed deliberate. Her gaze flew up and locked on his.

    His expression held unmistakable heat. Transfixed, she wanted to break the contact, but his intense stare forced hers in place. The rattle and noise from the subway dimmed. Her mouth parted on an intake of breath. Her tongue darted out to moisten dry lips and his slate gray eyes followed the movement.

    His hand moved again, brushing her hip with his thumb. The contact sent a jolt straight to her clit. Well didn't this just take the cake? One touch and she was ready to jump him.

    He cocked a brow at her.

    She smiled pleasantly, hoping to appear unaffected. In an effort to gain some distance, she reached for the pole overhead so she could lean away from him. He followed the movement, his eyes drifting to her breasts. Clearly outlined, her nipples abraded the fabric of her dress, driving her crazy.

    The man released a slow long breath and hissed, "Jesus."

    She let out a small gasp. His hand slid onto the small of her lower back, his palm burned through her clothes and heated her skin. His fingers splayed, moving over the curve of her ass, applying pressure so they rocked together. A low moan escaped her lips as his huge, hard cock pushed against her pelvis.

    She blinked in surprise and a small, "Oh," escaped her lips. Rationally, she should be appalled at a stranger groping her on the train. Logically, she should pull away, but some demon possessed her and she pressed back.

    He bent his head low next to her ear. "Damn, I'm glad I took the El this morning."



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Riding The Rail

Riding The Rail

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