Playing For Keeps by Devon Gray

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  • Pasts are best left behind, hidden deep in your memory—that is where I buried mine. The feel of his hands and mouth on my body, the height of sensuality I reached beneath his touch. I'd fought so hard to forget—how could just the sight of him bring it all back, forcing me to become lost in him? Again.

    Years before I had watched him, craved him—a guitarist in a band riding the wave to stardom—my brother's best friend. On the verge of womanhood, I never dared to reveal how I yearned. Until a cold New Year's Eve when I offered myself as the woman I'd become, bringing to fruition the deepest of wants. As that night turned, so did my life. Devastatingly so. I never dreamed I'd become another of his one night stands.

    Can pasts be exorcised if they come back to haunt you? And when a notorious playboy who broke your heart offers you his…how do you know if he's playing for keeps?

    Miniature Rose
    (103 pages) Rated 1 Rose


    Christian ran his hands down my arms. "Are you cold, Em?"

    I shook my head, trembling even more. The corners of his lips curled up as he cradled my face in his hands. His mouth met mine in a heated capture, his tongue sliding between my lips to tangle with my own. I clung to his shoulders, my breath stilling in my lungs when his hands gripped the hem of my sweater, pushing it up my abdomen. He took his mouth from mine, pulling the cashmere crewneck over my head. He walked me back toward the bed, easing me down to lie atop it as he stretched out next to me.

    His lips were hot on mine and his hands were everywhere--traveling over my breasts, my stomach and ultimately between my legs. He stroked me through the thick denim and I moaned, my hips rising toward his touch. The first pricks of pleasure I knew only by my own hand began to spiral inside of me. His fingers were at the fly of my jeans, undoing the button and tugging on the zipper. Christian sat back, pulling the denim from my hips and down my legs. He removed the boots hindering his progress and dropped them to the floor, sliding the jeans from me and tossing them as well.

    He stood from the bed and removed his clothing. As he pulled his boxers down his legs I sucked in a breath at the sight of him. His arousal rose from his body, long and thick and beautiful. Stretching out beside me, his lips sought the sensitive flesh beneath my ear. "I want you, Em."


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Playing For Keeps

Playing For Keeps

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