One Hard Ride by M.M. Bordeaux

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  • Amanda Sloane’s passion has been solely focused on becoming a well-respected, NYC art appraiser. With that appetite sated, she can no longer ignore her body’s carnal desires.

    Tasked with authenticating an uncataloged Randell painting that could be worth millions, she meets a trio of Texas ranch hands who take her on an erotic ride imagined only in her deepest fantasy. Between ranch owners, Jake and Justin Morgan, and their ranch foreman, Luke, the cowboys ignite in Amanda a raging fire of uninhibited sexuality.

    For years, the Morgan brothers have fought off their greedy cousin's attempts to take their ranch, including poison and sabotage. Now, Jake is counting on the elegant and sophisticated art appraiser to authenticate his grandaddy's painting to stave off foreclosure on the family ranch. Awakening the big city vixen’s sexual hunger has his body ablaze with need and his heart yearning for love.

    Can Amanda give up the intoxicating pleasure of her sexual awakening? Or is Jake's love unconditional enough to encourage her to continue her erotic odyssey?

    Rated 2 Roses

    This title contains: explicit language, anal sex, ménage a trios (m/f/m), and voyeurism.

    Rose (308 pages/81733 words)

    Digital ISBN: 978-1-61217-397-9


    “Does that turn you on Miss Sloane? Watching Julie make love to two men at once?”

    She jerked around to find Jake standing not more than two feet away. Barefoot and shirtless, he stood wearing only a pair of jeans. The starlight gave his body a luminous glow, defining his ripped pecs and abs.

    “Oh God,” she whispered, staring up at him in shock, unable to move.

    “Does it turn you on?” He repeated, obviously aware of her arousal.

    A loud moan from the bedroom caused Amanda to blink. He glanced past her shoulder and smiled. “It’s amazing how much pleasure two men can give a woman.” He reached out and put one hand on the back of her neck, pulling her close.

    She raised her hands, pressing her palms against the smooth muscles of his chest, trying to push away. Slowly, deliberately, he leaned down and kissed her, his hand behind her neck keeping her lips turned up toward his. With his free hand, he held the small of her back, pulling her closer. Then his hand slid up to caress her breasts, his fingers pinching and twisting her nipples, sending currents of electricity straight to her pussy. For a long moment, he continued the kiss, his tongue probing deep, searching. His kiss ignited a desperate need and she kissed him back, her limp arms finding life, lifting to encircle his shoulders and grasping urgently at his neck.


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One Hard Ride

One Hard Ride

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