Alex's Christmas Wish by Corinne Shaw

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  • Private Investigator Alex Flaherty wants only one thing under the tree on Christmas morning--a curvaceous, sexy woman. A lead on the shady lawyer he's investigating wouldn't hurt, either. When Alex is stranded during a snow storm days before Christmas, his wish seems little more than a pipe dream…until fate intervenes.

    After a bitter divorce, Delilah Adams is spending her first Christmas alone and wishes for love to fill her stocking. When she gives a ride to a handsome stranger caught in a snow storm, she never imagines his sinfully delicious smile will turn her life around and give her hope for a special holiday.

    Alex and Delilah find friendship and intense pleasure in one another…but can the hope of a budding relationship overcome obstacles from the past? Or will the danger that lies ahead ruin Alex's Christmas Wish?

    Rated 1 Rose

    Miniature Rose (134 pages)

    Sequel to Joe's Birthday Girl


    He picked up the phone book. “I’ll see if I can find a hotel in Hadley.”

    Before she could think twice, she placed her hand on his arm to stop him.

    “Listen, you obviously have no intention of killing me, or you would have done it already. You can stay here tonight. I have a guest room and then you can get your truck towed and running tomorrow and be on your way.”

    His eyes met hers. His face was filled with surprise. “Delilah, are you sure?”

    She was just as surprised by her actions as he was. “I’m sure.”

    A smile of gratitude softened his face. “Thank you.”

    “You’re welcome.” The muscle of his arm was firm beneath her hand. It was covered in the long sleeve of his shirt, which made her ache to feel his skin against hers.

    “I promise to be a complete gentleman.” His voice lowered. It was just above a whisper.“That’s too bad.” Her hand flew to her mouth in shock and she turned away. She couldn’t believe she’d said it out loud. Heat rose from her neck to her face.

    “Hey, it’s okay.” She felt him come up behind her. His warm, hard body inches from hers sent sparks like static electricity across her skin. She turned around and saw he was even closer than she had thought, flustering her all the more.

    “I—I—can’t—I can’t believe I just said that. I’m so sorry. It’s one of those things you’re supposed to think but not say.”

    “Don’t be sorry.” He placed his hands on her shoulders. “I’m not.”

    “You were trying to be kind and appreciative and I basically told you I want to jump your bones.” She squealed and put her hands over her face. The more she said the worse the situation was getting.

    His fingers pulled hers away from her face. When her eyes focused, she was treated to a sweet, sexy smile.

    “Would it make you feel any better if I told you I’d like it if you jumped my bones?”

    Embarrassment instantly turned to disbelief. “You would?”

    “I would.” His gaze was ravenous as it scanned her face. “So if the mood does strike, don’t be afraid to pounce.”


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Alex's Christmas Wish

Alex's Christmas Wish

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