Designed Encounter by Samantha Gentry

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    A temporary building project has kept architect Trent Reynolds and interior designer Maddie Sloan from acting on a sizzling mutual attraction. As the assignment comes to a successful conclusion, business makes room for hot, scintillating pleasure. But while Maddie has designs on a long term commitment, Trent has blueprints for a no-strings-attached deal. Can a weekend encounter at a romantic seaside inn persuade Trent to Maddie's way of thinking?

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    Miniature Rose (101 pages)


    He took her breath away the first moment she saw him. When they were introduced and shook hands, the only thing she could think about was tearing off his clothes and having her way with him…again and again and again.

    “Now that everything has been officially turned over to the leasing agent, I thought we might have a drink to celebrate a job well done. You managed to turn seven bare ground floor rooms into an extraordinary model of style combined with practicality.” He glanced around the penthouse suite. “And what you’ve done up here is truly elegant as befits a penthouse, yet allows for maximum efficiency.”

    “Thank you, but your impressive architectural design made my work much easier.” Inane chit-chat. Even though she was sincere in her compliment, she hadn’t known what else to say. It had only been for the last couple of weeks that one-on-one meetings with Trent didn’t leave her flustered whenever the conversation turned from business to the more personal, even if that personal was only generic type topics other than business discussions. No way could she be called shy or introverted. At age thirty-four, she had become very successful in her business and financially independent through hard work. But something about him…actually, everything about him had a very seductive impact on her senses.

    Trent flashed a dazzling smile showing a row of perfect white teeth. “Can I take that as a yes?”

    Maddie answered his smile with a teasing grin as she tried to force a modicum of calm to her quivering insides. “I think I can work it into my schedule.” Along with a quick tumble in the hay or better yet, a night of unbridled hot sex.


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Designed Encounter

Designed Encounter

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