The Vampire's Madam by L. Rosario

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  • Not only is Janna Cutting scorned by Victorian Society for her Indian blood but also because she owns one of the city’s most profitable brothels. As madam she possesses wealth and independence and still she longs for one thing, the mysterious Hugh de Troyes. Yet, week after week, he treats her as nothing more than the proprietor of Keya House.

    Fueled by jealousy, Janna decides to play voyeur during the handsome Frenchman's visit. What she witnesses leaves her aroused beyond endurance and privy to the knowledge that Hugh is far from satisfied. He deserves a woman willing to see to all his needs, a woman willing to bleed. Janna is that woman, but failing to convince Hugh might leave her with a wound far greater than any his fangs could inflict.


    Gripping the doorknob, she backed against the open door and looked up at him. “How does the evening find you, Monsieur de Troyes?” Her own voice sounded foreign, desire and anticipation making it sultrier than usual.

    His gorgeous eyes swept over her, hesitating just long enough in the vicinity of her neck to make her heart skip a beat. When they returned to her face, they blazed with hunger. “I find myself currently at a loss for words, Madame.”

    Janna swallowed then moistened her lips. “Why not come inside, and we’ll see what we can do about your affliction.” She made to push away from the door, but he stopped her by lightly wrapping his right hand around her throat. He wore no gloves, and his fingers were cold against her skin. She blinked up at him and swallowed against the nonthreatening pressure of his hand.

    “What game are you playing, Madame?”

    “No game. I’ve sent the girls away. I am the only one here to see to your needs tonight.” She hadn’t planned to issue such a bold verbal challenge.

    Oh so provocatively, his fingers stroked her throat. “All of them?” In that moment, she was aware that he knew she knew his deepest, darkest secret. The look in his eyes issued a counter challenge, daring her to accept.

    Oui, monsieur. You need only ask.”

    “Damn you, Madame, why the devil has it taken you so long to offer?”



A short, sexy read that'll warm your heart and leave you panting

The beautiful madam aches for the handsome Frenchman who prefers to patronize her brothel when it's closed for business. But will she want him when she discovers the pleasure he's actually taking from the girls she employs? A short, sexy read that'll warm your heart and leave you panting. Sometimes forever really means forever.

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    The Vampire's Madam

    The Vampire's Madam

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