Candy's Kisses by Carys Weldon

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    City girl Candy Merrill can't see herself falling for a country bumpkin. But her best friend’s cousin, Levi Bishop is hard to resist in his tight jeans and country charm. This has to be lust at first sight…because it couldn’t possibly be love.

    It’s been a long time since Levi has kissed a woman as sweet as candy. And this Candy is looking for a guy who can kiss her socks off. Levi's never been afraid of a challenge. But after one kiss, he's hooked on sweets. Now he’ll just need to get Candy to see past their differences and show her she needs him for more than kisses.


    Rose (400 pages)

    ISBN: 1-60154-993-8


    Another kiss was coming. Excitement and anticipation spiraled through her, sliding right to the core of her body. He dipped in for it, his upper arms flexing beneath her hands.

    His lips touched hers right about the time she heard a growl come from under the truck. The kiss abruptly ended and Levi growled, too. “Boog!”

    Simultaneously, Candy felt his hands tighten and lift, putting her on the seat. Naturally, her legs spread apart, and he stepped in. She supposed he saved her from a heel biting, but she didn’t have much time to think about it before he kissed her again, before her own arms wrapped around his neck.

    It went too fast. His fingers found flesh, slipping under the hem of her shirt.

    The silky feel of his hair made her clutch. Could a man kiss any better than this? With any more fervor? She didn’t think so.

    She knew one thing. She couldn’t get her tongue deep enough in his mouth. Scooting a little, Candy squeezed with her thighs.

    Levi answered that with another growl, and the next thing she knew, she was flat on the seat, and he’d climbed in, and over her. She drew her legs up, cradling his body between her thighs, loving the pressure of his erect cock rubbing through the barriers of jean material. Absolutely not wanting to stop. Needing the feel of his hands. Loving the touch of his calloused fingers and palms on her body, everywhere at once.


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Candy's Kisses

Candy's Kisses

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