Third Floor Encounter by Samantha Gentry

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  • Dani Foreman is determined to expose the secrets of the mysterious Third Floor club in order to secure her career as an investigative reporter. Problem? So far, many have tried but none gained access to the private club. An encounter with the sexy bartender might just be her way inside the club to discover the truth behind the rumors of orgies among the rich and powerful.

    Mitch Sinclair is a man of many secrets, including owning the Third Floor, an exclusive sex club. He doesn't know who Dani is, but he does know she is not what she claims. His need to protect the secrets of Third Floor runs deep and very personal. But his attraction to Dani is strong and he must decide whether to trust her or compromise the single most important thing in his life.

    Rated 1 Rose

    Miniature Rose (115 pages/25377 words)

    Digital ISBN: 978-1-61217-677-2


    Mitch flashed his best smile. “Hello, pretty lady. Welcome to the Oasis Bar. I’ve never seen you here before.” A quick glance told him she wasn’t wearing a wedding or engagement ring.

    She responded with a beautiful smile of her own. “That’s because I’ve never been here before.”

    “I’ll have to figure out how to guarantee you’ll make this your regular hangout.” He placed a bar napkin in front of her. “What’s your pleasure?” He lowered his voice to a whisper. “And if you say the bartender, we’ll run away together…as soon as the night shift comes on duty. The owner probably wouldn’t take kindly to the bar operating on the honor system between now and then.”

    “I’ll have a glass of chardonnay.”

    He cocked an eyebrow, winked, and fixed her with a teasing grin. “You’re choosing a glass of wine over the bartender?”

    She made an unsuccessful attempt to suppress her own grin. “For the moment.”

    He liked the way she fell in with his teasing, participating rather than being offended. Humor was important to him when meeting a woman for the first time, along with intelligence and honesty…just three of several qualities he valued above good looks. He grabbed a bottle from the cooler, poured the wine, and set the glass on the napkin. “Anything else I can get for you while I’m here?”

    She took a sip of her wine. “Speaking of the owner…is Leander Washington here? A friend asked me to say hello to him.”

    All Mitch’s senses went on full alert. Leander Washington?


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Third Floor Encounter

Third Floor Encounter

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