Touching Ghost by Regina Carlysle

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  • SEAL Ren "Ghost" Ramsey never expected sparks to fly when he meets up with his childhood friend, Dr. Sadie Ballew while on leave in Key West. He's surprised to discover she's successful, sexy, and divorced. Sadie had always been too good for the likes of him, a son of an alcoholic and slated to become no better. He should keep her at arm's length, but he wants nothing more to burn up the sheets with the sassy lady she's become.

    Sadie isn't fooled by the bad-assed, dangerous facade Ren wears like a second skin. She only sees the sweet yet conflicted boy she loved and lost all those years ago. Afraid to let him go off on another dangerous mission without knowing how she truly feels, Sadie needs to find the confidence to make the leap from friends to lovers.

    Rated 1 Rose

    Rosette (59 pages/14537 words)

    Digital ISBN: 978-1-61217-794-6


    The time for action was now.

    “It was good seeing you again,” Ren said quietly. “Want to have some lunch tomorrow?”

    “I want more than that, Ren.” There it was. She’d done it. Nervous as hell, she licked suddenly dry lips. Her hands shook so she quickly balled them into fists, trying for all she was worth to shake it off. He cocked his head, his brows coming together in a quizzical little frown. Ren started to speak, but she headed him off at the pass. “I’ve been wondering about something for years now, and I aim to stop the speculating, here and now.”

    “Wondering about what, Sadie?”

    Now. Now. Now.

    Moving into action before she could chicken out, Sadie stepped close enough to smell the clean scent of his body, stood on tiptoe, and settled her cheek against his. “This, Ren. I’ve wondered about this.” Turning her face, she glanced at his perfect mouth and brushed her lips to his. “Kiss me, Ren. If you don’t kiss me now, I think I’m going to die.”


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Touching Ghost

Touching Ghost

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