She Likes It Irish by Sophia Ryan

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  • Kristin DeMarco vows to protect her broken heart and swear off men until she finishes her degree and starts her career. Survival sex--a vibrator and a sizzling-hot roommate--eases urges that can't be ignored, until her craving for a man propels her from the arms of Mr. Wrong to the door of Mr. Right. Irishman Sean O'Neill forces her to consider what she really wants. And what she wants is him in her bed. Too bad he's not cooperating.

    Sean is only in America for six months to complete his degree and an archeology field school. He's as serious about his education as he is about keeping his sex life casual. When Kristin knocks on his door asking for condoms, the encounter forces him to rethink that single-minded focus. He wants Kristin for more than one night, but their secrets may end the relationship before it begins.

    Rated 2 Roses

    This title contains: explicit language, m/f and f/f situations.

    Rose (278 pages/67085 words)

    Digital ISBN: 978-1-61217-814-1


    "Do you want me?"

    "I'll tell you plain,'s you I want. And it's you I'll have. If that makes me a bad guy, then so be it."

    His mouth found hers, giving sweet hot kisses that ignited her blood. He held her head closer, opened his mouth wider over hers, and tilted his head to better fit their mouths together. His tongue found hers, and together they conducted a symphony of carnal delight.

    She slipped her hand inside his T-shirt and ran her fingers across his hard stomach, up to his smooth chest where she traced the flat button of his nipple until it peaked. Feeling his heart pounding against her hand, she explored his chest thoroughly, letting her fingers dance across his ribs and the defined muscles of his stomach, before moving down to the band of his jeans that barricaded the part of him she wanted most.

    The very part stiffening beneath her bottom.

    She couldn't help but give a little wiggle, just to entice him. His sharp intake of breath pleased her, telling her that despite the control he seemed to have over his urges, he wasn't immune to her.

    Breaking the kiss, he shifted her around in his lap so that her back faced their neighbor, giving them more privacy. She watched as his fingers went to work undoing the closed buttons of her shirt. His fingers moved slowly, taking care and building the heat and tension in her body.

    "Since that first night I saw your breasts, I've wanted to see them again. Wanted to taste them," he said when all the buttons were loose and her shirt hung open almost to her navel. "I'm going to do that tonight."


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She Likes It Irish

She Likes It Irish

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