Sweet To The Taste by Alyssa Cole

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  • Callie, unlucky in love and unable to move on, rediscovers passion at her best friend's wedding with the handsome singer hired for the traditional Indian event. He's more god than man, but does he have the power to soothe her soul and teach her body to sing?

    Rated 1 Rose

    Rosette (41 pages/9567 words)

    Digital ISBN: 978-1-62830-260-8


    Callie couldn’t stop staring at the way his finger gently smoothed over the flower petals as he spoke, the rich darkness of his skin highlighted against the yellow. His strokes were soft, but confident, and she knew that if he touched her in the same way, she would be done for.

    She took another step toward the singer. He was so close now that she could feel the heat of him on her bare arms and stomach, warming skin that was already flush with arousal. Somewhere in the recesses of her brain, her rational mind was demanding to know what the hell she was doing. But this stranger had short-circuited her inhibitions, and Callie’s libido was now on autopilot.

    “How do you know this?” she asked, her voice strong despite the weakness she felt in her knees.

    “Oh, it’s a family secret,” he said softly, the corners of his mouth rising at some private joke. “Would you like a taste?”

    Callie couldn’t even hope to contain the tremor of pleasure that passed through her body. She nodded eagerly.

    He closed his eyes and slowly drew his finger along one of the newly opened buds. Callie watched in amazement as the petals fluttered wildly and then went limp under his touch. When he moved his finger away, a single perfect bead of liquid was suspended from the tip.

    “Open for me,” he commanded, reaching toward her. Callie obeyed, unthinking.

    His finger slid into her mouth and her lips closed around it, her tongue lapping at the pad, feeling its whorls against her taste buds. The pearl of liquid broke over her tongue, its flavor spicy and sweet and intoxicating. She sucked harder, trying to lap up every last bit of the delicious taste.


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Sweet To The Taste

Sweet To The Taste

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