Blue Heat by Samantha Cayto

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    Book One of the Boston's Brave Series
    Finn Callaghan’s quest to prove his father wasn’t dirty and to follow family tradition leads him to become one of Boston’s brave. Like his father and brothers, he proudly wears the blue but as an openly gay man. His first assignment—going undercover as a teenage runaway. The sexy detective in charge is a bonus and a distraction he just can’t pass up.
    Only half out of the closet, Michael Caruso heads a task force to end an underage prostitution ring that preys on homeless gay teens. He has mixed emotions about using the hot young rookie as bait. Finn is perfect for the part, but Michael’s attraction to the pretty cop might botch months of work.
    Attraction turns to alarm as Finn goes deeper undercover. Can Michael keep him safe? And even if he can, how can he protect himself from the danger falling in love?


    This title contains explicit language, anal sex, light role play, same sex situations (m/m), and sensitive subject matter.

    Rosebud (188 pages/42590 words)

    Digital ISBN: 978-1-62830-574-6


    Caruso chuckled. “Welcome to the glamorous world of undercover work.”

    They were both quiet on the relatively short ride to Charlestown. Tired as he was, Finn was also intensely aware of Caruso’s closeness. In the confines of the car, the size and heat of the man was impossible to ignore. He’d ditched the grungy coat he’d been wearing in the station and wore a T-shirt and jeans. The guy had some serious muscles straining the fabric of both items of clothing. Finn couldn’t help wondering what it would feel like to run his hands over those bulges, to have them wrapped around him. Looking at Caruso, he realized he’d only ever been with boys before, teenage boys and college boys his own age.

    Caruso was a man. The kind of man that could pick Finn up, hold him down, fill him up as he drilled him into the mattress.

    A small noise escaped Finn’s lips, a sound embarrassingly like a whimper.

    The car jerked slightly as Caruso shot him a look. “You okay?”

    “Ah, yeah.” Oh, Christ, was that even his voice? He sounded like Mickey Mouse.

    Caruso shot him another look, one that clearly conveyed his skepticism. Finn switched his gaze to look out the side window while he fought to get himself under control. His dick throbbed painfully in its cramped confines. Good enough for him. Having these thoughts about his boss while on the job was wrong. The last thing he needed was Caruso dumping him from the assignment because he was acting like a horny teenager instead of a displaced one.

    It was a relief when Caruso finally pulled up in front of the Callaghan house. Finn had to look at him as he fumbled with the door handle. “I’ll head over to South Station first thing.” His voice no longer squeaked, but it had a breathless quality and it wasn’t caused by the jeans he wore cutting off his circulation.

    “Sounds good. Hey,” Caruso added before Finn could push the door fully open. “You did great.”

    As he handed out the praise, his hand landed on Finn’s thigh. The warmth of the large palm seeped through the worn denim and crept up Finn’s leg right to his groin. Breath exploded out of his mouth as his cock stiffened even more. Then his gaze locked on Caruso’s. Caught and mesmerized, Finn stared and stared some more. The amazing thing was that Caruso stared back. In the quiet of the car, the sound of their increasingly labored breathing engulfed them.

    “I feel it, too,” Caruso said finally in a low voice. “The attraction. I don’t want to, and I tell myself to knock it the fuck off, but…”


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Blue Heat

Blue Heat

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