Hell's Bounty by Kayden Claremont

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  • Raven Hart, a succubus bounty hunter for Hell, is on a hunt. With her query in sight, she hits a brick wall, or rather the very hard chest of a giant sexy man. She might have lost the prize for now, but she's a winner when the hottie wants to get physical.

    Marcus Dionysius, a Nephilim working for Heaven, has one mission—to prevent Hell’s beauty from stealing souls meant for the higher plane. But he soon realizes he’s met his sexual match. She’s naughty enough to tempt his senses, but her innocence means he can’t walk away when she needs him most.

    Working together to discover who’s snatching souls from Heaven, they realize the true danger is falling in love.


    Marcus shrugged. “I had a job to do.”

    Her eyes widened as if wondering why she was in trouble. “You’re a bounty hunter. You were supposed to take him.”

    “I was sent to stop you from taking him. He’s supposed to live a little longer. Souls are like fruit. You shouldn’t pick them before their time.”

    Raven stood and sat down on the bed. She couldn’t seem to look at him, just stared at the floor working her lip. “So all of this, you becoming my partner, was just a ploy to kill me?”

    “Stop you.”

    She looked him in the eyes. “You just said you were sent to take me out. We both know that means to kill me. So why are you lying now?”

    Marcus stood and then sat down on the bed beside her. The instant he took a breath, her luscious scent fill him, aroused him. If he wasn’t careful, he could easily succumb to her allure and not get the job done. He’d never experienced such lust before and needed to feel her pussy squeezing around his cock.

    He wanted to press her down against the bed, strip her, and fuck her. Hard. “Look, I’m not lying. I don’t believe for one minute that you knew the captain was setting you up. But I still have a job to do. Help me prove you are innocent.”

    She took a deep breath, and her breasts quivered. Her hard nipples budded against her blouse, as if inviting him to claim them. She shook her head. “I don’t know.” Her voice cracked.

    “You don’t know who gave the orders, or you don’t know how to help me?”

    She looked up at him, her eyes filled with doubt and terror.

    Marcus placed his hand on her shoulder and was surprised when she leaned into him. “Both,” she whispered, as if afraid of the answer.


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Hell's Bounty

Hell's Bounty

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