6 Days Of You by Sophia Ryan

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  • Lily Ross’s uber-conservative boyfriend finally agrees to let her visit over fall break, but only if she agrees to his no-sex rule. Unfortunately, Michael has ditched her for a trip to Vail, a blizzard has hit, and she’s forced to stay the week with his grumpy, gay, but totally yummy roommate. Then the heat in the building shuts down, and she discovers two things—the sexy stud is hotter than any furnace and he’s definitely not gay. No-sex rule? How about no rules?
    After a horrible break-up, Daryl McKay’s looking forward to a quiet week without his annoying roommate. His plans go awry when a pissed off but sexy as sin blonde, suitcase in hand, barges in claiming to be Mike’s girlfriend. Daryl doesn’t have the heart to tell her Mike’s away with two gorgeous redheads, and with snow piling up and most of campus closed, he can’t throw her out. He would never move in on his roommate’s girl, but as the feisty bombshell settles in, the tiny dorm room grows smaller and certain parts of his body grow bigger. It was going to be a hell of a long six days.


    “I feel warmer already,” she said. “I couldn’t feel my hands and feet before.”

    “Lily, don’t take this wrong, but from now on we’re sleeping together in my bed. No arguments.”

    She laughed into my neck, a shuddering, weak sound, but I recognized it for what it was—her acceptance of my plan. “So, I…I get into bed with you once and you think you’re the bbboss of me?” Her stuttering breath was warm on my neck, building fires inside me.

    “No. But as long as you’re here with me, I’m responsible for you.”

    “And I bet you take your responsibilities seriously.”

    “Damn straight.”

    She chuckled. “I feel safe with you, Daryl.”

    Then she sighed, and I felt her body relax against mine, almost like she was melting into me.

    Lily felt safe with me, and I’d never felt more needed, useful, protective. Her words made me feel like I possessed the strength and skills of a super hero. Strangest damn thing was, I felt safe with her, too. I knew she’d never deceive me like Katelynn had. She’d protect my heart, like I’d protect hers.

    Soon I heard her soft, slow, even breathing and knew she slept. I kissed the top of her head and inhaled the scent of spring into my lungs. My heart beating with hers, our breaths in sync, I joined her in sleep, feeling safe and warm in her arms, happier than I’d been in a long, long time.

    It was a swirling blizzard outside, but in this room, in this bed, with Lily in my arms, the warmth of spring renewed me.

    I was a bastard for thinking it, but I was glad Mike had gone to Vail and left this perfect angel with me.


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6 Days Of You

6 Days Of You

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