Summer Heat by M.M. Bordeaux

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  • Nicole Holland is definitely in a slump—life, love, sex—but the answer to spicing things up and boosting her self-esteem may be a girls-only weekend at a forest lake with her BFFs. With the city heat and an abusive ex-boyfriend in the rearview mirror, Nicole discovers her inhibitions—and bikini—quickly stripped away by the hot male specimens in the cabin next door. How’s a girl to choose?


    Approaching the water, they could hear laughter and splashing, but the small boathouse temporarily blocked their view. As they passed the boathouse, Nicole could see the end of the dock, which extended perhaps a hundred feet out over the lake. The dock was low, only a couple of feet above the water.

    “Oh my God,” Sandy whispered in awe. All three women stopped to stare.

    Two men stood at the pier, both tall and tan with beautifully muscular physiques. They were also both in the process of stripping off their bathing suits. Nicole looked at Sandy and Megan. Both were staring wide-eyed at the mouthwatering display of naked flesh.

    Nicole looked toward the two men. Even from this distance, she could see their cocks were well proportioned. If they were that size soft, she wondered, how big would they be erect? While she watched, one of the men turned and dove into the lake. His dive was a graceful arc, cutting the water cleanly with almost no splash.

    His companion stepped to the edge of the dock, his hands on his hips. Oh my, Nicole thought, looking at the man’s tight buns. His dimpled ass cheeks were defined by the untanned flesh of his butt. “That man has an ass to die for.”


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Summer Heat

Summer Heat

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