Summer Sizzle by Samantha Gentry

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  • He lives only for today…she has eyes on tomorrow.

    Growing up, Victoria Templeton watched her mother scrape for every penny and vowed that would never be her. She’s become a woman so busy worrying about tomorrow, she doesn’t allow time for today. And she has plans for the summer that don’t include sharing a house with a carefree beach bum with no ambition, even one with a signed lease and a smokin’ hot bronzed body.

    The tragic loss of his six year old son caused Blake Callahan to learn the hard way no one is guaranteed a tomorrow. He now lives only for today—wine, women, and flying kites on the beach. Until an uptight female with soulful eyes and mouth-watering curves invades his beach house, claiming it’s hers for the summer.

    Forced to share the place until the mix-up is straightened out, Blake and Vicki find they have nothing in common…except a sizzling heat that has nothing to do with summer.


    “You know what I think, Victoria Templeton?” His soft voice sounded so very sexy as he moved to stand directly behind her, his nearness sending waves of heated desire coursing through her veins. “I think you’ve never done a spontaneous thing in your life.”

    “How dare you make such an assumption!” She whirled around to face him and found herself looking up into his mesmerizing blue eyes. She tried to force a confident tone into her voice, something she definitely didn’t feel. “You don’t know a thing about me or my situation.”

    “I’ll even go so far as to guess that you don’t know how to be spontaneous.” He stared at her as if trying to reach inside her head and drag out her thoughts. “You’re so busy worrying about tomorrow that you won’t allow yourself any time for today.”

    “You think I don’t know how to be spontaneous?” Her words were spoken half in anger and half in disbelief. He had challenged her, something she couldn’t allow to go unanswered. She stepped close to him, wrapped her arms around his neck, and plastered her mouth against his.



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Summer Sizzle

Summer Sizzle

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