Kiltless In Carolina by Ashantay Peters

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  • ISBN Digital: 978-1-5092-0700-8

    Page Count: 121

    Word Count: 25556

    Unable to say no to family, photographer Isla McAllister agrees to attend the Highland Games under one condition—no roughing it. She wants a comfy hotel room where she can escape her family’s matchmaking schemes and avoid her ex-fiancé? Her plans go awry when she discovers her room has been given to a hot highlander with a smile that resurrects forgotten fantasies. Unfortunately, he's a kilt-wearing piper, just like her ex.
    After a bad breakup, Graeme MacKay plans on getting laid during the Games. He's gone too long with his bagpipes as the only instrument getting any play. His number one criteria for the woman who’ll share his bed—she has to be a non-Scot. But when he clashes with a feisty MacAllister who claims he stole her room, he throws caution to the wind and offers to share his room…and his bed.


    The morning sun broke free of the mountainside. A flash of sunlight reflected from the buckles on his tall black leather boots. Okay, then. Bottoms up. The look she'd gotten had already juiced her in a delicious way resulting, probably, without orgasmic satisfaction. Still, a girl could look.

    Her glance traveled from calves tight against boot leather, telling her he had muscles molding the boots rather than the other way around. As he walked, his warrior style tartan kilt swung around his knees, reminding her there was more to this vision than painfully knobby knees.

    Too bad his furry sporran hid the best parts. She knew about sporrans and his was one big ass bit of luggage.

    Shaking her head, she continued her avid scan over well-muscled arms that appeared self-made rather than gym-created. Long fingers holding his ten pounds of pipes to his side. A broad, lightly haired chest. How had she not noticed he played without a shirt? Must be one hot-blooded dude to come out half-naked in meat locker temperatures.

    She shivered, anxious for him to walk closer and for a look at the face of this Celtic god with a tribal armband tattoo on his left bicep and a fierce dragon claiming his right shoulder. He gaze shifted higher, God. Mr. Handsome. Her libido crashed and burned. No survivors.


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Kiltless In Carolina

Kiltless In Carolina

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