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The Arrangement by Brandy Ayers

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  • The mind is a tricky thing. No one knows that better than Michelle O’Brian due to maladaptive daydreaming, an undiagnosed disorder that makes HER question the line between reality and fantasy. Forced to change careers after her goal of making a mark in the journalism world implodes, she finds herself unable to stop fantasizing about her new boss. And every other man she comes across.
    Her uncontrollable daydreams are a problem at work. Not even an orgasm inducing visit to her sexy as hell friend, Russ Seko, can stem the need for her mind to wander. But as it becomes clear that Russ wants more, and her workplace flirting may not be all pretend, things get out of hand. Fast.
    Caught between two men, trapped by her ambition, and fooled by her own mind, how can Michelle trust anything in her life when dreams seem so real?


    Caught by two men, trapped by ambition, how can you trust anything when dreams seem real?

    The arrangement, as they called it, had happened rather accidentally one night a year after graduation. Another failed job interview behind her, she’d gone to the Brownstone with the gang to wallow in her misery. Russ was tending bar, as he did almost every night. She had a little too much to drink, and they ended up stumbling into the basement keg storage room and had sex pressed up against the cold steel kegs.

    She had no interest in a romantic relationship with him anymore. His lack of ambition drove her crazy, and she knew nothing long term could ever work with them while he insisted on wasting his life away, living on tips and free bar food.

    That night, aided by a few beers, they came up with the rules for their arrangement, jotting them down on a crumpled napkin from the bar.

    1. They could sleep with whomever else they wanted. But they always used condoms with each other and everyone else.

    2. Sleeping over was okay, but no hanging out for days on end.

    3. No calling to ask for a booty call. If she wanted to hook up, she just showed up at the bar. If he wanted to hook up, he would show up at her house. They could refuse if they weren’t into it, and the other would leave with no hard feelings.

    4. Hanging out as friends was fine, but they needed buffer friends around so it wouldn’t slip into date territory.

    5. No goodbye kisses.

    6. The arrangement could be broken by either party at any time, no explanation necessary.


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The Arrangement

The Arrangement

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