Descent Into Darkness by L. Rosario

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  • ISBN Digital: 978-1-5092-0774-9
    Page Count: 49
    Word Count: 10562
    Rating: 3 Roses

    One offer, one decision, one night becomes eternity...

    French émigré Victor Lafitte is plagued by empty pockets and the horrors of his past. To fill the former, he sells his time to the ladies of London. To forget the latter, he turns to opium. Madam Olympia's, London's most exclusive den of iniquity, offers him the oblivion he seeks. Instead, he discovers the mysteriously seductive Lina Valerius and an alternative descent into darkness.


    A touch coaxed him from the fog that had begun to settle in his brain. He pried his eyes open to see a woman standing by the bedside. Green eyes stared down at him, framed by jet black hair and strikingly beautiful features. She seemed familiar, but he could not place how or why.

    “I did not mean to startle you.” Her husky voice seemed to stroke his skin. He took another drag on the pipe and blinked, believing her an illusion. When he opened his eyes, she once more filled his vision. Her smile, all full lips and perfect teeth, could have warmed a blind man.

    “Who are you?” His voice came as though from a great distance, sounding full and rough to his ears.

    “I am whoever you wish me to be.” She stepped back from the edge of the bed and reached up to shed her gown. It fell in a gold waterfall from her shoulders, leaving her naked from the waist up. Her movements were languid and seductive, made more so by the candles flickering behind her and the smoke that swirled just above the bed.

    Her breasts were glorious. Full, high, and tipped by large, rosy nipples. Victor’s mouth went dry. He moved the pipe toward his lips, but her hand was there to pluck it from his fingers. Her smile turned down at one corner, and she shook her head, sending her long, black hair over one shoulder to eclipse one perfect breast.

    “Let me be your drug, monsieur.”



Beautifully written

Lucky for me this book is short. I opened it late last night to be sure the file had transferred with no problems, and I couldn't stop reading until I finished the last page. Ms. Rosario's elegant writing drew me in and never let me go.

Victor and Lina are complex and flawed characters who each might be exactly what the other needs, if Victor can overcome his disbelief and embrace a new way of life.

The story is vividly detailed making the scenes come alive, but done so in an unobtrusive way. One creepy scene depicting the united effort of Lina and her brother Marcus to fulfill Lina's wish for happiness, is still giving me chills.

Vampire Romance is not a genre I typically read. For a work I wouldn't normally give a second glance to so thoroughly entertain me, speaks volumes about the author.

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    Descent Into Darkness

    Descent Into Darkness

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