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Frozen Stiff by LJ Vickery

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  • ISBN Digital: 978-1-5092-0837-1
    ISBN Print: 978-1-5092-0836-4
    Page Count: 358
    Word Count: 90792
    Rating: 1 Rose

    Book Four of the Immortals Series

    Enten, the god of winter, has spent centuries avoiding rejection from women. He might be cold to the depths of his very soul, but one woman—his Chosen—holds the key to melting his permafrost. To keep her, though, he must embrace the heat sweeping through his heart—and his body. Unfortunately, he and the group of gods he calls brothers are trapped on Earth’s plane by a malevolent force that could bring violence to her doorstep.
    Gloria Wingfeather lived through hell, physically and emotionally singed by the viciousness of her ex-husband. For years, she’s dedicated her time and her heart to making a life for herself. The sexy god of chill has the potential to heal those charred wounds or to set her ablaze with passion.


    Enten, god of winter, is cold as ice…every inch of him.

    “You’re awake.” The female’s soft voice washed over Enten like gentle waves.

    “I am.” He almost swallowed his tongue, getting his first glimpse of the woman poised above him. Holy shit. He didn’t know where to look first. Her mahogany eyes, fixed to his, were large in her dusky brown face and surrounded by the longest, thickest lashes he’d ever seen. But her mouth…pink as a conch shell’s secret whorls, pouty and plump, begging to be kissed. His eyes traveled to her long and regal nose, which had Enten believing the angel astride him had been born of kings. Her whole visage, surrounded by the softest looking riot of dark curls held him spellbound.

    “Glorious,” he whispered, and color rose on her cheeks.

    “No. Actually my name is Gloria,” she corrected. “Glory for short.”

    Glorious. Glory. Enten revealed to his fellow gods. She is mine. He cried. My Glory.



Frozen Stiff! Very Hot!

What can I say about this immortal god of winter? He's so afraid of women rejecting him because of his coldness. Not of his personality but because of his touch. He meets Glory who melts under his cold touch. she has trust issues because of an abusive father and ex husband. this book Frozen Stiff is hot to the nth degree! the beginning and where he suddenly becomes visible made me laugh so hard tears were pouring down my face and my belly was clenching. glory is a photographer and is taking pictures of her models on the beach when she suddenly see something out of the corner of her eye fall to the ground from the sky. she goes to investigate and finds him laying on the ground completely naked except for a loincloth. She asks him if he's okay and what in the world happened. Enten has to think quickly and tells her he and his brother are acrobats, thats why it looked like he fell from the sky. He immediately recognizes that this woman is his chosen. They introduce themselves to each other. thereare the usual trials and tribulations of the gods and their chosen. glory is such a sweetie. You can tell she cares madly for the ice god. Here may be a spoiler.. myfavorite part where I totally laughed so hard! therewas a fight with Matthew and the other bad people and glory and Enten both get shot and sent to the hospital where Dani lee their resident dr shows up to help care for them. Entensneaks into her room and climbs in bed with her. She snuggles up against him and Enten starts to caress her. In her head she has always wondered why he has never gone further than kissing. So while she's under the influence of the pain drugs he is caressing her and she says in her mind she wished that he would go further down with his caressing but he doesn't want to while she's drugged so he puts his hand on her belly. Her eyes snap open,she thinks cold hands...cold kisses...cold..I know why you don't want to play, you're afraid to put your cold penis in me. Enten totally flips out and Glory tells him, you Mr Freeze refuse to impale me with your Polar Express! Oh my goodness! Icompletely lost it! There is love and laughter,intrigue and fun. Everything you want in a book. LJ just gets better with each book. You are guaranteed to fall in love with these immortal gods of hers!!!

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    Frozen Stiff

    Frozen Stiff

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