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Unleashed by Abby Gordon

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  • ISBN Digital: 978-1-5092-0927-9
    Page Count: 148
    Word Count: 32827
    Rating: 1 Rose

    His family cursed and all but gone, Baron Wulfgar Socton fights to control the animal inside him. Then a blizzard brings a beautiful young maiden to his lonely home, and this tormented shifter uses his power to seduce her. In her dreams, he shows her the pleasure he can offer and dares to hope again.
    Born with the secret psychic gifts of a culture almost lost, Amanda Von Steinser knows the coming storm will change her destiny. When rising snow leaves her stranded in the home of a dark and brooding baron, she must rely on the depth of their erotic mind connection to see her past the danger at their door, until Amanda has no other choice but to surrender to the beast.


    The beast stirred to life. Unbidden, the thought of that mouth accepting his cock came to mind. He remembered the softness of her skin when he’d taken her hand and could just imagine her exploring his body.

    Taking a deep breath, he glanced at his lap and willed control back into that suddenly unruly part of him. How long had it been since he’d wanted to be with a woman?

    “One thing before I forget,” he spoke, setting his cup down. His thoughts were dangerous. He knew nothing about her or her family. He’d gone down that path before and it had nearly destroyed him and what was left of his family. He had to remind himself constantly of that. Otherwise he would not be able to resist the hunger. “There are animals on the grounds. They are wolves and listen only to myself and Anders. Do not leave the house unless you are in my company.”

    “You have dangerous beasts?” Bettina gasped, a hand fluttering to her throat. “And you let them roam free?”

    “The most dangerous beast is not on four legs...”


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