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Clarity's Doom by C.L. Scholey

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  • ISBN Digital: 978-1-5092-0990-3

    ISBN Print: 978-1-5092-0989-7

    Page Count: 272

    Word Count: 70204

    Rating: 1 Roses

    Book One of the Ancient Origins Series

    A massive sinkhole phenomenon strikes terror on Earth and brilliant soon-to-be science graduate Clarity is sucked into a vortex that lands her on an alternate Earth planet where hybrid dinosaurs inhabit lush jungles. When caught in a fierce storm, she’s rescued by the most magnificent alpha male with a serene yet hypnotic gaze she’s ever encountered. As stunningly handsome as he might be, Clarity is no one’s fool. There is deception in his intense gaze.
    A warrior marked by death, an executioner by force, Doom leads the victims of sinkhole gatherings to slaughter. Each tattoo adorning his flesh depicts a sad tale of loss, a burden he must bear. But when he finds Clarity, she’s spunky and filled with a determination he’s never before encountered. Something inside him rises to meet her challenge to save his people, his very soul. He’ll protect her at any cost, even if it means his life.


    Sinkholes have never been more dangerous…

    love has never been more explosive.

    Clarity was certain she heard someone talking, someone close by. The hairs on her nape stood tall, her body chilled just as the oppressive heat consumed her again. Someone was inside her home. A fine line of sweat dripped at her temple.

    Resisting the urge to call out, Clarity moved toward the source. Her computer table was dark. There was no battery, it died, and she had been too busy for a replacement. It ran on electricity alone. Her hand moved toward the headphones she recently plugged in to blare music and not have the neighbors complain. She lifted the set to her ears and held her breath.

    There was a voice on the other end. A strong male voice. She tried to concentrate on the language being spoken but it was no use; she couldn’t make it out. Not one word was familiar which surprised her. With the AC not running, the room was immediately engulfed in heat. The sudden chill vanished, and sweat began to drip from more than just Clarity’s temples. Her hands shook.

    “Hello?” she whispered.

    The words stopped. Quiet in the room made the pounding of her heart that much clearer.

    “Hello, female.”

    “Who is this?”

    “You will find out soon enough.”

    Clarity dropped the headset, the purse slipped to the crook of her elbow. She backed up a step when she heard the voice again. “…we are coming for you.”


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Clarity's Doom

Clarity's Doom

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