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Strangers at Sunset by Tiffani Lynn

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  • ISBN Print: 978-1-5092-0922-4

    ISBN Digital: 978-1-5092-0923-1

    Page Count: 146

    Word Count: 41347

    When newly widowed Lisa Browning discovers her late-husband has fathered a child with another woman, she abandons that vat of ice cream with her name on it and flies off to Florida for a job interview with hopes of a new life. Lured by the sunset and lulled by the sound of the waves, she becomes the focus of a sexy photographer on and off camera. He's the perfect substitute for her vat of ice cream...until her heart gets in the way.

    Freelance photographer Garrett Kline is looking for the perfect subject for his latest job. When he spots the sensual siren on the beach, he’s found what he is looking for...and then some. His inner playboy is good with a short-term fling, but something about Lisa makes him want more than being just strangers at sunset.


    A beautiful woman, a sexy photographer, a spicy tryst by the sea.

    Garrett stops walking and because he’s still holding my hand I stop, too. He tugs on my arm a little so my body flattens against his and our lips meet. At first, I’m shocked. My mind tries to comprehend the softness of his lips and the slight tickle of his goatee, so I’m stiff to start out, but it doesn’t take me long to warm up. I savor the kiss. It’s a connection I’ve missed. It’s smooth, sexy, perfect. He slants his head allowing him to go deeper and my response is immediate as I explore with my tongue.

    Just as my libido is waking up from its long nap, he pulls back a little and whispers, “Is this okay?”

    Something about that flips my switch. I don’t answer him. I just snake my arms around his neck and kiss him this time. It’s full of passion and need, almost as if I’m trying to erase this whole year’s worth of heartbreak and disappointment.

    My hands glide over the contracting muscles of his back in slow motion, savoring every masculine inch of him while he wraps one arm around my waist to hold me tighter. He moves his other hand over my ponytail and tugs the hair tie free. My strands cascade down my back, and he slides his hand up into the hair at my nape helping to control the kiss.

    Everyone has tiptoed around me for the last year and stopped treating me like a real person. Most are afraid that they’ll hurt me somehow, like there could be more damage done. This is what I need, passion, and an unapologetic, forceful energy.


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Strangers at Sunset

Strangers at Sunset

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