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Light A Fire by Abby Gordon

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  • ISBN Digital: 978-1-5092-0991-0

    Page Count: 76

    Word Count: 18410

    Book One of the Interstellar Matchmaker Series

    One bored otherworldly entity disobeys her master, leading to fireworks on Earth.

    Tremayne Sheridan is so tired of Hollywood starlets, but ending up in a dinky New Mexico town wasn't quite the adventure he'd been looking for either. The town's only diner offers strong coffee, mediocre food, and a chance for Tre to reignite his inner Dom by way of fiery gray eyes and lush curves he can't forget, even when walking away was his idea.

    Alice Andersson's usual diner meal turns into the opportunity to help two abandoned boys. So what in the world is Tremayne Sheridan, star of Alice's naughtiest dreams, doing in this corner of New Mexico? One freak storm, a naughty alien, and a plush sedan are the perfect environment to light a fire between them. But even Alice's and Tre's combustible chemistry strains under the pressure of anger and mistrust.


    “Tre, are you happy to see me?”

    He smiled down at her.

    “Very happy, baby. But my dick’s going to have to wait. Because right now, I want to enjoy you and see where you’re most sensitive.”

    Alice waited for the usual resistance to stiffen her body and understood what Allura had done. Her eyes moved to see the shape of light. Smug satisfaction seemed to radiate from it.

    Then Tre’s mouth was on hers, and nothing else mattered.

    His lips were firm, moving and easing hers apart. His tongue slipped into her mouth, and she moaned as it explored, then wrapped around her tongue, tugging. A pull she felt through her entire body, causing her pussy to tighten. His left hand fondled her breast, warm and strong, fingers spreading out to squeeze and knead the soft mound of flesh. His thumb and forefinger caught her nipple, pinching and rolling in time to the tugging in her mouth.

    She sighed, her body relaxing and heating up. He shifted her slightly, and his hand went to her other breast. Then his mouth left hers, and she whimpered, feeling a bit like a child when its favorite toy has been taken away.


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Light A Fire

Light A Fire

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