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Midnight Rendezvous by Lane Pierce

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  • ISBN Digital: 978-1-5092-1006-0

    Page Count: 54

    Word Count: 11704

    Two lustful hearts. One angry marshal.

    After a grueling day wrangling cattle, Johnny Concho is ready to kick up some New Mexico dust at the town festival, but one look at Faith Sloan and his boots can't help but head one direction--hers. Faith turns down every suitor except the handsome cowboy with hungry eyes that make her tingle in unmentionable places. Dancing leads to hushed whispers and a promise to meet by the river. But Faith’s father is the territorial marshal, and there'll be hell to pay for stealing his daughter's virtue in a midnight rendezvous.


    “You’re here, my cowboy in shining armor.” She backed away a step and took him in. “Well, not in armor, maybe, but you’re here.”

    “I was afraid you couldn’t come.”

    “Well, here I am, just minutes after midnight as promised.”

    “What did the man with the round hat ask you at the dance?”

    “Oh, him. Nothing much. Just asked for a dance, but I waited for you. I’ve had suitors, but I don’t care for any of them. I don’t want to wind up in this little town the rest of my life as the wife of a bank clerk or a shopkeeper. I want to be with a man who is fun, a man who has a little roughness about him…someone like you, Johnny.”

    Faith stood silently, and Johnny took a moment to consider her words. After a few awkward moments, she suggested, “Let’s sit here and watch the water awhile.”

    “Are you afraid your folks will miss you? It’s mighty late.”

    “I’m willing to take that chance.”


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Midnight Rendezvous

Midnight Rendezvous