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Royally Screwed by LJ Vickery

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  • ISBN Print: 978-1-5092-1062-6

    ISBN Digital: 978-1-5092-1063-3

    Page Count: 366

    Word Count: 92960

    Book Five of the Immortals Series

    Huxley Abelard lives and fights alongside the immortals of the Blue Hills as a human, but he’s always felt something…more. A prophecy foretells that a mortal will ascend to become a god in the Underworld, but Hux’s wicked past could cost him the throne and the sexy doctor who haunts his days and nights. He can’t imagine a decent woman wanting a man who has done the things he’s done to survive.

    Doctor Dani-Lee Whitehill has loved and lusted for Huxley since the first moment she laid eyes on him. Unfortunately, he's made it quite clear that, although he's attracted to her, he'd rather cut off his male parts than get them anywhere near her. She’s willing to play by his hands-off rules, but desire may quickly erode her patience and when it does, Hux could be royally screwed.


    “I’m no god,” he barked. “And I don’t know what you guys are playing at. You either want my help or not. You don’t have to come up with crap to make me feel indestructible or included in your club. I’ll help because I want to.”

    Dani was brushing her teeth when Huxley’s voice rang out. From her kitchen? He wasn’t supposed to follow them inside.

    “Listen. Why don’t you head back to the compound for the night, and I’ll take this shift with Dani and deliver her to the hospital in the morning?”

    Every body part Dani owned stood at attention.

    “Because that’s not the plan,” Candy scolded.

    “Screw the plan. I can take care of her as well as you can, if not better.” Huxley had semi-god strength on his side and it only took Candy a minute to cave in. Dani didn’t know whether to panic or do a happy dance.

    “Fine. But I’ll meet you at the hospital tomorrow, and we’ll need to change our plans up.”

    Dani was no fool. Candy had given up damned easily. Clearly she was aiding and abetting Huxley in whatever he intended.

    Dani managed to spit and rinse before spluttering her own words into the ether. She needed to sound reluctant, even though her body had already locked and loaded for wild caveman sex.

    “Excuse me, but this is a pajama party for the girls,” she complained loudly from the bathroom. “How am I supposed to sleep with you in my room?”

    Huxley actually chuckled. “Who said anything about sleep?”



Royally Screwed!! Is Royally Hot!

I was given an arc of this book for an honest review. Dr Dani lee the Blue Hill Gods resident doctor fell in love with Huxley at first sight! Huxley has wanted her since he first laid eyes on her! But something from his past keeps him from going all the way with her. Huxley is Royally Screwed, he thinks he is not good enough for Dani. But she is determined to change his mind. She knows in her heart he wants her too. Huxley is cruel to Dani but he needs to be. He wants her desperately. He knows she is too innocent and pure for someone like him. He doesn't want the filth of his past to touch any part of this perfect woman. When he finally gives in the heat between them is explosive!! This book has all you come to love. Danger, betrayal, action, secrets exposed, sexy gods and of course the hottest sex scenes ever!!! Lj Vickery has outshined herself with Huxley and Dani's story. Alot of new things are going on so you definitely don't want to miss this one or you too will be Royally Screwed!

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    Royally Screwed

    Royally Screwed

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