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Playing With Fire by Abby Gordon

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  • ISBN Digital: 978-1-5092-1150-0

    Page Count: 78

    Word Count: 18768

    Book Two of the Interstellar Matchmaker Series

    A matchmaking being from another world sparks yet another flame...
    After losing his young sisters to the foster care system, Chance Brickerton is determined to keep all women at arm’s length and well away from his heart. But while he’s stuck in Copper Fire, New Mexico, overseeing the new construction of his best friend’s home, suddenly staying away from the enticing realtor is not an option. He wants her. She wants him. So why is he compelled to search for the truth of their fiery connection when memory fails?
    Bessie Andersson can’t understand why no one at the party will help her, not even the intriguing personal manager that flips her switch more than she wants to admit. Surely someone can see she wants nothing to do with the grab-happy mayor. No means no, and the bottle of wine to the head certainly reinforces her choice. But the love bite on her neck the next morning guarantees something happened in that basement…but with whom?


    She was standing at her desk, back to the door. And, God help him, she had on another skin-tight skirt and a blouse that clung to curves just begging for his touch. He shoved his hands in his coat pockets to resist the temptation.

    Images flashed in his mind. The short, low-cut dress Bessie had been wearing with the sky-high, strappy heels that practically screamed “bend me over and fuck me right here and now.” The instinctive male need to drag her someplace where he could do just that. Instead, he’d…done what he’d just done. Put his hands in his pockets and watched the mayor put his hands on her curves. Watched her trying to get away from the other man. Even asking him with a desperate pleading look for help. Which, to his shame, he’d turned away from. As had everyone else.

    There was a pop of light in the hallway and he glanced over his shoulder. The ceiling light was steady, as if it shouldn’t have just gone out. Lights. Something about lights the night of the party. The chandelier at the B&B that had flickered when Tre brought up the party. Every time he’d thought to go to Bessie, taken a step toward her, the lights had flashed and he’d shrugged it off.

    The party. What the hell had happened at the party?


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Playing With Fire

Playing With Fire

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