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Conquering Logan by Joyce Palmer

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  • ISBN Digital: 978-1-5092-1148-7

    Page Count: 116

    Word Count: 26085

    Hailey Madison wants her bodyguard,  and she’s not letting anything get in the way—not her father and not Logan’s job or the enemy stalking him—now that she’s got him all to herself on the high seas. The unexpected appearance of a jealous ghost is a minor glitch in her carefully planned seduction.

    Logan DeAngelo knows his boss’s daughter is off limits. Despite his good intentions, guarding her body keeps him within firing range of her seductive determination. The Caribbean sunshine is nothing compared to the heat between them, and Logan’s running out of reasons not to get seared. He can protect her from ghost and her dad, but protecting her from his stalker could mean choosing between keeping her and keeping her alive.


    “I’d like for you to keep me informed of your activities. I’m supposed to make sure you both return home in one piece. There are a lot of crazies on these ships. Sometimes the partying can get out of hand.” He wouldn’t mention the rumors of otherworldly guests aboard this particular cruise line. He didn’t for one moment believe in such nonsense, but his gullible charges might.

    Hailey rolled her eyes.

    “I’m serious,” he said. “There are all kinds of assholes waiting for babes like you.” Logan didn’t know about Tiffany, but Hailey definitely lived a sheltered life. Her father was a powerful man. No doubt in Logan’s mind, she planned to burst out of her protective shell. How would he deal with this up-close-and-personal assault? He’d barely resisted her from the moment they met almost a year ago.

    “We’ll be careful. Contrary to what the male population in our immediate circle believes, Tiffany and I are not stupid.”

    Logan knew Hailey got annoyed when he pulled the caveman routine, but she was small, at not much over five feet. He couldn’t control the urge to protect the little darlin’. Her small stature took nothing away from her womanliness, with sexy curves in all the right places. Her breasts stood perky, but her heart-shaped ass heated his blood and revved his pulse. Those luscious globes would fit perfectly in his hands as she rode his cock. His dick hardened, and he closed his eyes. Man, you’ve got it bad. Hiding this attraction all these months had been a brutal test in willpower.

    He took a deep breath and willed control over his runaway libido. “It’s not you two I’m worried about,” much. “The poor bastards you’re going to torment are my concern.” Not hardly. He shook his head. “I’m afraid the two of you are going to be dude magnets. Keeping the horny bastards at bay is gonna be a challenge.” Make sure you’re not one of those horny bastards.

    Hailey pouted for a moment, and then her face lit up. “I know the perfect solution.”

    His stomach roiled, afraid to ask, “Yeah?” A note of hesitation tainted his voice. Logan didn’t know how much more of her teasing he could take without throwing in the towel and ravishing her. And wouldn’t that go over well with your boss, dumb ass? Not.

    “Uh-huh.” She moved over to his side and onto the seat next to him.

    His heart thundered as all the blood rushed from his head going south. He clasped his knees to keep from grabbing her. “Hailey…”

    She leaned against his shoulder while on her knees. The scent of her sheer perfume shot electricity up through his spine and boiled his blood. “You’ll just have to stick to me uh-I mean-us like glue.” She leaned in and plastered an open-mouthed kiss on his fevered neck.

    Goose bumps broke out over his extremities as a wave of heat consumed him. His cock sprang to life—gaining control over his brain—and he wrapped an arm around her waist, hoisting her onto his lap to straddle his hips.

    What the fuck? I’m only human.


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Conquering Logan

Conquering Logan

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