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Tartan Temptation by Kayden Claremont

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  • ISBN Digital: 978-1-5092-1191-3

    Page Count: 103

    Word Count: 22943

    Financial planner Cora Siegfried has returned to her hometown to settle her late father’s estate. Get in, get out, that’s the plan. When she’s almost run over by a kilt-wearing hottie on a motorcycle, all her well-laid plans go up in smoke, and all she can think about is getting well laid by her childhood crush. But after what she hoped would be a one-night stand, leaving him might not be as easy. Talk about a tartan temptation.

    With his throne on the line, Brodie Murdock needs to secure his kingdom by taking a bride. When the only woman he’s ever wanted steps right into his path, he knows the legends are true. She is his destiny. The feisty female isn’t hard to seduce into his bed for the night, but she’s proving difficult to convince they are meant for forever. And then there’s the secret that could destroy any chance of their future—a secret he’s not ready to confess. Not until his stubborn soul mate admits she needs him for more than sex.


    He gazed at her, hunger in his eyes. Her breath caught. She’d never envisioned herself as a feast, but when he looked at her that way, she wanted him to devour every inch of her.

    His open show of lust made her want to be as bold as he was. She glanced sideways to see the man who’d waved at Brodie had left with his kids, then took one of the three cherries on top of the sundae and dangled it in front of his lips. “Don’t you want to eat my cherry?”

    Chuckling, he obviously enjoyed her sexual innuendo as much as she did. Slowly, he opened his mouth, and she dragged the cherry against his tongue. He closed his teeth around it, sending waves of trepidation through her. Pulling out the stem, she giggled again.

    He chewed the cherry, never taking his eyes off her. Then he took another spoonful of ice cream and held it up to her lips. “I expect you to lick my spoon clean.”


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Tartan Temptation

Tartan Temptation

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