Theirs To Protect by Melissa Klein

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  • ISBN Print: 978-1-5092-1226-2

    ISBN Digital: 978-1-5092-1227-9

    Page Count: 174

    Word Count: 43426

    College student Claire Matthews has panty-melting fantasies about her roommates but can’t imagine choosing just one. But when her rapist is release from prison, she knows it’s time to disappear—again. First, she needs a memory of the delicious duo to take with her.

    Firefighter Sean Dalton is mind-blown when Claire suggests a threesome. Watching her kiss his friend under the mistletoe is a turn-on. Being asked to share is like gasoline on the spark of desire. He’s shared a woman before, but he’s been crushing on his sweet and sexy roomie since she moved in. He’s not about to say no.

    Chicago police officer Max Devon isn’t new to the ménage scene, but he knows Sean has a thing for Claire and he won’t be the third wheel again. Been there, done that, has the scars to prove it. Still, he’s not immune to Claire’s charms. He’ll play her game, but only if he’s in charge. Then he'll know when it’s time to withdraw from the relationship.

    A night of blazing passion leads to more than one discovery. Sean is caught off guard by his feelings for Max, Max struggles to keep his distance from both his roommates, and Claire must make a choice—flee or stay. Trusting these two strong men with her heart and her life means endangering them and giving in to the belief she is theirs to protect.


    Can Claire keep her hardwired-to-rescue guys from discovering her secret, or will her past send her running again?

    “I want to veg out in front of the television,” she said. Sandwiched between you two. They hung out eating pizza and watching movies at least once a week since she moved in with them. It was one of the things she’d miss most when she moved on.

    “Only if Sean or I get to pick.” Max used the hand that had been resting on her shoulder to mess up her hair. “Isn’t that right?” He punched his buddy in the shoulder. “I declare tonight a no chick-flick movie night.”

    “Whatever Claire wants.” Sean scrubbed a palm over his face. “After last shift, EMT school today, and then having to dress up like an idiot for the calendar, I’m beat.” Frown lines furrowed his normally happy face. Even as he’d been coaxing her into spending Christmas with his family, she sensed his mind had been on something else.

    Her two friends couldn’t be more different. Where Sean was sweet, patient, and easy to talk to, Max had this whole strong, silent thing going for him when he wasn’t ripping into someone with his wit. Her gaze darted between the two as they traded good-natured barbs. She couldn’t stay in the dark place the package and letter from her hometown had put her in. Not when he was determined to make her laugh, and Max was heating her body to the boiling point.


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Theirs To Protect

Theirs To Protect

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